Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Childhood Playmates and Friends 1940-1950

The above pictures show but a few of the many children from Upper Pokiok Road during the " roaring " 1940s. Unfortunately I don't have photos of the others to post here yet. However , I have "feelers" out to Joan Earle , Harry and Margie Cross, Lou and George London , Ginny and Dawn Campbell ├ís well as  Oscar Estey Jr who hopefully are rumaging through dusty old boxes and albums to come up with some more visual heirlooms from the past . Somewhere in my family archives I have snapshots of the three Campbell lasses from up the Clubhouse Road : Dawn Elizabeth , Marjory Grace and wee Virginia Faye (Ginny) who was like a little sister to me..........and down the road  a ways at the head of  Big Hill / Glad Hill lived their cousins with the same surname : Barbara , Ardith and Pamela .......... all of whom except for Barbara were quite a bit younger than most of us. For the moment I' ll put most of my comments on hold while awaiting  feedback from those I have canvassed......... but I dearly hope I shall be able to "unearth" some pics of my childhood friends with whom I went fishing for eels and pinfish at the Twin Ponds , learned to skate and play hockey there too , played softball in the old field next to Copelands , swam at Higgin's , Snow's Beaches or the old Farms !! ....... the McCoys , Cross , Tommy McDonald (my buddy) , Esteys , Johnstons , Campbells , Londons and my other buddy , Raymond Earle and his three sisters ... Joan , Verna and Doreen. I am also on the lookout ... or prowl ... for pictures of friends and acquaintances from Lower Pokiok Road ....... from the burner (Gerry Sherwood) to Spar Cove Road , Belleview Ave. included......and am looking forward to incorporating them as well as this blog evolves.

Top photo : back row from left to right..... Joan Earle , either Verna Earle or Margy Cross , Raymond Earle/ middle row from left to right......Tommy McDonald , Harry Cross and myself with Doreen Earle in front. This picture was probably taken around 1947. And since we were all dressed to kill I'll bet it was Sunday !!

Bottom photo : Tommy McDonald , his aunt Margy Bailey from Spar Cove Road , and myself..... Margy  and Tommy's Mom , Kay , were sisters , probably taken around 1944. 

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  1. Gerry:
    I see another name that I recognize on your blog - John Ferris. He was in my class at Alexandra School. I see that you and he have reconnected. I would like to meet him again. Would you let him know? Maybe we all could get together for coffee. I'm hoping he would help me connect with some other classmates.