Monday, April 12, 2010

Two of My Childhood Outer Beacons: the Farms and Boar's Head

My earliest and warmest memories of the family picnic carry me automatically back in time to a place we fondly referred to as The Farms. It was a rather small beach made up of a sand and gravel mixture with high , rocky outcroppings on either side .......a bit V-shaped ...... great for shelter from the often chilly northwesterly winds off Grand Bay. The Farms are situated some 4 to 5 miles upriver from the Reversing Falls  where the Saint John River Narrows and Grand Bay meet........ amost diagonally across from the Greenhead lighthouse.
On hot summer Saturdays and Sundays folks from all along Pokiok Road .....from as far down as Spar Cove Road.... would trek by our house .... pass between the Twin Ponds following the makeshift road uphill downhill through the woods until they came to a clearing where the Snows lived in a somewhat dilapidated old dwelling....... then over one more hill to the Farms. Crowdwise it was no Old Orchard Beach .... yet any given sunny Saturday or Sunday would find some twenty to thirty people sitting around on spread blankets soaking up the sun ...... food hampers nearby......usually in family units showing off their stuff in the shallow water ..... sometimes when my parents were late leaving home and knowing I was itching to get going ..... would confide me to the shoulders of Ozzie and Billy Stewart from Spar Cove Road ..... Yummy's uncle and father........ my first encounter with the African-Canadian world since both men were black. What warm memories I still nourish of those days !!! 
Nowadays the city has built a wastewater treatment plant on this site .... but Greenhead and my childhood beacon , the lighthouse , remain intact...... so I can still come here and reminisce. One of my projects for the upcoming summer is to trek across the Greenhead Peninsula from Dominion Park and snap off a few photos especially of Boar's Head which shall figure in a special blog a bit later on ........ the picture of myself on the log was taken in 1940 and the lighthouse is seen in the distance as well as an old house where a man named Tapley lived....... and people in my youth always said that the coldest water in New Brunswick came from his well.  We called the place Tapley's Tank

P.S. Have you read the above link ? About Pokiok.

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