Saturday, May 1, 2010

For Better and For Worse..... They Married and Built a Home in Pokiok !

I found this clip from he Evening Times Globe among my Mom's belongings shortly after her death in 1993. It gives a rather amusing blow by blow description of a combined shower-stag party thrown for my soon-to-be-married parents by their friends... two of whom are still alive today .... Alma Butler-Scott , my Mom's  bridesmaid at almost 102 years of age and Alma Joyce of the West Side , an almost centenial friend of both my parents at 97. For years to come they would be frequent guests at our home in Pokiok. I believe this party was held sometime in early April , 1933 as my folks were married at Saint Peter's on April , 26th ... the feast of Our Lady of Good Counsel. 

Another blast from the past ! I often kidded my Dad about this picture because it looked like a clip from the movie Bonnie and Clyde after they had just robbed a bank . I can almost hear the tommy guns blasting away as they made their getaway . The old McLaughlin Buick in the background only adds to that Roaring Twenties atmosphere. I decided to include this photo here because six of the eight people in the picture were present at the prenuptial shindig at the Joyce household on Prince Street. I might add that the Joyce homestead is still standing strong on Prince Street and Alma Joyce is still owner. Front Row: Godfrey "Red" Joyce , Gerard "Uncle Mack" McElwaine , Edie McManus , Edmund "Bugs Moran" McNulty .... Back Row: Bernie Gibbons , Edna Joyce , Joe Rooney , unknown woman ?

Have you read the link About Pokiok ?

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