Friday, May 28, 2010

More Johnston and McNulty Memorabilia

While rumaging through some old photos a few weeks ago I came across a negative , took it to have a print made and the above gem was revealed........70 years have gone by and the negative is still as good as new !! Since I was about three years old at the time I figure the snapshot was taken sometime during the summer of 1939...............right in front of the Johnston home where the short flight of rock stairs from the front walkway met the road......... myself , Charlotte Johnston and big sister Katherine. Parked in the driveway beside the house is Uncle Stan's sporty Essex convertible with rumble seat ! How we kids loved to ride in that pull-out seat !!  

Char in winter garb when she was roughly five years old. Mom would often kid her about what Sister Theresa did to her in Grade One. She came home from school one day and said to Mom , " Sister Theresa put me in the "tupid" class ..... but I ain't "tupid" , Aunt Jo !" Josie thought that was so cute and would never let poor Char forget. God love them both..... they died within a year of each other ! I'm sporting that #"/% tam my mother made me wear. She thought that was cute too I guess !!.... and standing there beside the old chopping block and pile of slabs.

Whenever I look at this photo I think of Manzoni's great work ... I Promessi Sposi..... The Promised Spouses !! When we were youngsters people used to say we were doomed or predestined to marry...... but that never came about ! I would go off with the Redemptorist Fathers to become a priest while Charlotte entered a convent in Louisiana to pledge her life to God as a nun. I'll cover this later period in a future post. God , how I hated wearing suspenders !!! Mom thought that they were cute too !!This picture was taken in front of the Johnston house...... note the fine slaterock walkway Uncle Stan had laid. Our house is visible through the trees.

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  1. You were a cutie pie! Lovely memories and so nice you could get the negative made into a photo.

  2. Hi again , Susan.... thanks for the sweet words and yes , I guess I was a real "Josie's boy" ,,,, Josie was my MOm and her bride's maid, Alma and another family friend , again Alma.... are still alive today respectively 102 and 97 years old.... and both these ladies refer to me as "Josie's boy".... synonym for "cutie pie" I guess !!I still have man more old negs to develop. Please come back again soon.