Friday, October 15, 2010

Pokiok Back Then ......Memories of Yesteryear !

The scenes in the pictures below will certainly revive many fondly nostalgic memories from our past. For those of us still alive today these were the places , people and happenings that we saw or met on a daily basis on our way to school , to church , to Art McGuire's , Gault's or Van Wart's stores, to catch a streetcar in Indiantown , etc..... we all had to go over the "Crick" bridge on Bridge Street to go anywhere !! Even though Belleview Avenue was open ... noone went that way to go uptown until busses started up regular service in the early 1950s.

Although equipped with oodles of personal photos of my own immediate family and surroundings I've had to rely on the great magnanimity of my good friend , Art McGuire , who has most generously provided me with images of Lower Pokiok in bygone days from his own private collection.......... so many thanks to Art ! I shall make a brief comment on each picture and hopefully Art himself will enhance , perhaps rectify when necessary and improve them with his own input since he knows this part of Pokiok and the local folks far better than I do. And besides , Art is all wired up and "running wild" these days , being now plugged into modern times and cyberspace with his new laptop computer.                                                                        

Art McGuire , Pokiok's very own Beau Brummel , with his conquering smile and "best friend" in front of 1 Pokiok Road ... the old homestead! Uncle Art's store in the backgound with mid-1950s car parked in front. By the looks of the depth of the white stuff  on the ground it would seem that snow removal was a slow process back then ........ and 60 years later things are still pretty much the same !! The picture on the right shows Art's parents , Hazel(Estey) and John McGuire standing in front of their home.

The Snow Flake Lime Company sheds in 1940s with kiln chimney in backdrop as well as view upriver on a calm winter day. Clayton Campbell's house and the Little Millionaires'Club are quite visible atop the cliffs in the distance ..... to the right of the Hydro Tower.'Our house is a bit below the Campbell place but hidden by the trees. 


Top photo shows John McGuire , Art's father , in his rowboat during 1930s with Snow Flake Lime sheds under water during annual spring freshet ( rise of water level due to Spring melt). In lower image the road to the sheds being under water during late 1940s freshet the men have to bring the bags of lime to waiting delivery truck by scow and offload on higher ground at edge of Spar Cove. Indiantown in  background.                                                                                                                                                                     

In Pokiok we called "rink rats" ... "Crick Rats" .... and here we have 4 of them back in 1940s standing on the frozen Crick in a "buddy-buddy" line-up.  Front left to right: Unknown ( Art couldn't remember his name) , Jack McGuire , Bob McGuire and Gerry McCormick.

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