Sunday, January 30, 2011

Voices From The Past : The Time Capsule !

While recently engaged in making renovations in their home atop the Pokiok cliffs .... at the head of the Narrows Road ( See post : Beacon on the Cliff ) , Gerald and Sylvia Robichaud unearthed ... so to speak .... some interesting tidbits of historical information pertaining to their home's past as well as some insights into the influential group of Saint John wheeler-dealers , movers and shakers who had built it. Gerald was clearing out some old rubbish and debris from the attic when he spotted an odd-looking , half-moon-shaped hunk of metal sheeting . Upon closer examination he saw that it was a supple sheet of soft lead folded once back over ...  omelet-style .... with a seam sodered shut as though it contained something inside. He could feel things moving around inside the pouch-like contraption so he carefully opened it up ... cutting along the seam.

Inside he found a copy of the old Saint John newspaper , The Daily Telegraph , dated 1900 , a tourist brochure for the Saint John area , a big dark brown penny and a sealed envelope signed by J R Stone , City.
Opening it , Gerald read .........


Since I hope to write up a more extensive account in the near future about the Clubs of Pokiok ... The Cliff Club , The Little Millionaires Club ( known as the LM Club) , the Squeleton Club , the Beefsteak Club , etc I shall close this text today by posting an e-mail I sent to Sylvia and Gérald .... thanking them for kindly sharing with me and my friend , Art McGuire , their recently found treasure trove.

Dear Sylvia and Gérald,

Once again I come before you to thank you and Gérald for the warm welcome you gave us last weekend when we showed up on your property "comme des cheveux sur la soupe"....... and for sharing with us your most interesting historical find. I have been checking out all the names on the membership list and shall keep you informed of any stupendous or earthshaking discoveries. One thing is certain ... these men were all highly influential members of Saint John society ..... lawyers , doctors , judges and business "tycoons".... in fact , W.H. Thorne whose hardware store was in full bloom during my youth lived with his spinster sister and bachelor brother over on Mecklenberg Street .... with a cook and two maids to take care of the household. He likewise owned a garage and would later become a bonified Canadian Senator. So you see that many important decisions were made there in front of the old fireplace or hearth !

Keep the fires burning up there on the cliff , good luck with all your renovations ... et merci , Gérald , d'avoir remplacé l'ampoule à l'extérieur de la maison ... en avant !'

Nos amitiés

Art and Gerry

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