Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pokiok's Who's Who 1945 !

Historically there were three main "drags" in Pokiok and one short "spur line" ........ Pokiok Road , Belleview Avenue , Spar Cove Road ..... and River Street. This afternoon I went to the Museum on Douglas Avenue where I made photocopies of pertinent pages of the Saint John City Directory for 1945 which show who was living where in Pokiok during that most memorable year in world history. When looking the data over later I noticed that we ... the McNultys ... were forgotten and do not appear in the directory. Maybe Dad didn't  pay his property taxes that year !!?? I am posting the information below for the readers' perusal and please remember that the directory is not a "census" ...... rather more like the forerunner of the modern phonebook. By pure chance the Belleview Avenue page contained the Bridge Street info likewise .... and we all had friends and acquaintances along Bridge Street. [please, click on each image for better viewing]

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