Tuesday, June 21, 2011

McGillicuddy's Espousals !

Since early Spring of this year the Pokiok rumour-mill has been churning out farfetched yarns about McGillicuddy's impending espousals. I wish to put those tidbits of hearsay and idle talk to rest by posting the above picture snapped by Rebekah near Spar Cove Crick in which we see McGillicuddy on left under the watchful , tender , loving "glare" of his latest conquest , Matilda ...... a cute lady heron with a sunny disposition from the marshes of Mosquito Cove in Randolph .... "rumour" has it that her great grandparents migrated  there fom Musquash many years ago.

P.S. By the look on her face and in her eyes I think old McGillicuddy will have to fly under the radar if he wants to pull the wool over her eyes. Love Matilda's hair-do .... maybe she was having a bad hair day !    


  1. hi rebekah,

    this "two shot" of our McGillicuddy and his intended is priceless!

    but, leave it to the doctor not only come to up with the name Matilda, but a pedigree to boot.

    (Alma will be delighted to know that old Mac is finally ready to settle down).

    happy shooting!


  2. hi gerry,

    many, many thanks for sharing your wonderful collection of snaps reflecting your special career and times.

    I was glad, (even so briefly, 51-54) to be part of your early education at Brockville and to find out what has become of our mutual friends after so many years.

    Ad Multos Annos!


  3. McGillicuddy looks a little peeved at Matildas punk hair-do.