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21 Pokiok Road ...... The McCormick Family

Charlie and Marion McCormick circa 1939

All things being equal back then growing up in the Pokiok of the 1940s  ..... meaning we were all happily poor but didn't realize it ..... I guess I knew the McCormick family about as well as any other kid in the neighbourhood. After all both our families belonged to Saint Peter's Parish and our parents had known one another since early childhood and I had attended Saint Pete's Boys School with all four McCormick boys , three ahead of me ( Billy , Gerry and Dave ) with Ralph trailing me by three years I believe. And besides we would often find ourselves sharing great moments swimming off the rocks behind the Snow Flake Lime sheds or the old burner or chasing a puck on Robertson's Lake or watching Gerry stick-handle as he "dipsy-doodled" around us on the Crick ...... What a great hockey player he was ! ...... and to boot I was their paperboy from 1947 until 1949. In later years .... especially the winter of 1961-62 .... Gerry had joined us in the Redemptorist Fathers' seminary and I had the privilege of playing rightwinger to him in many of our extramural games against local teams from Windsor , Ontario. Pure magic and great memories !
As for the four girls in the McCormick family I can only say that I knew of them without really knowing them since the oldest , Cecily , would unfortunately die the year I was born at age two and the three others ( Michelle , Susan and Judy )were much younger than I. In fact I met Susan for the first time last September 25th at Alma Scott's 102nd birthday party and it is she who so kindly and graciously provided the above photos of her dear Mom and Dad.
Gerry McCormick and Bob McGuire horsing around on the Crick circa 1945 in picture on left while below the local rinkrats line up for the occasion.... from left to right .... unknown boy , Johnny McGuire , Bob McGuire , Gerry McCormick 

The three photos below were taken at the Redemptorist Fathers' summer camp on Buckhorn Lake near Ennismore , Ontario in August 1961 and July , 1962.

Buckhorn Carwash
Left to right: Ed Mullaly , manager , Hopper's Ltd, Dock Street  , Ed "Sonny" Mullaly , Greg Sullivan ( White Bay , Nfld ) , Gerry McCormick and Jim Grannan

Left to right : "Sonny" Mullaly , Gerry McCormick , Jim Grannan and "Lal" Mullaly

Left to right : Father Joe McCormick C.Ss.R. , my Dad , Edmund McNulty , Ed Mullaly , senior and Captain Gerry McCormick

Over and above my childhood affection and esteem for Charlie , Marion and the children  there is another major reason for my deep-rooted attachment to the extended McCormick family and that lies in the person of Charlie's brother , Father Joe McCormick. Apart from my own Mom and Dad , Father Joe has been beyond a doubt the most influential person in my life and , as spiritual advisor , confessor and teacher in the seminary , he guided me safely through manys a pitch-black tunnel back out into the sunlight . He was a saintly man , an intellectual giant and motivator who softly implanted and instilled in me a lasting taste for learning which still "energizes my bunny" today at age 75 and for this I shall forever be in his debt. Unfortunately Father Joe left us far too early ... in 1964 at age 51 ! God love you , Father Joe ....... and I do too !!  

Father Joe and myself on our front lawn in Pokiok circa August , 1955 ... as I entered the novitiate on August 19 of that year near Cartierville , QC

From left to right : Ed Mullaly senior , Ed Mullaly junior , myself , my Dad , and Father Joe on our front lawn


  1. thank you Gerry, for your awesome visit yesterday and thank you for joining the McCormick Nd McNulty families together again.We are very pleased to have been a part of Pokiok and my brothers have many great memories of their childhood there.I have been following your blog and will continue to do so because it is part of my roots as well, having lived there until I was 5.Fr. Joe McCormick was my favorite uncle- a saintly man with an awesome sense of humor- sadly missed and forever remembered and loved , as are all our dear parents and friends. keep up the good work and let your memories flow!!!!! Susan McCormick Miller

  2. hi gerry,

    charlie & marion were dear and close friends of my parents, al & scotty ... they "went back" many, many decades. father joe, as you know, taught me at st. mary's in brockville and was one of the best history teachers bar none!

    the McCormick Clan is/were a special breed: intelligent, talented, hard-working, and people of great faith. it's a privilege to know them.



  3. Thank you so much , dear Susan , for your kind comment and words of encouragement...... and yes , Susan , the McCormick and McNulty families go way back ....both families living almost side by side up the Strait Shore at the turn of the 20th century ..... the children growing up attending the same schools , churches etc and hanging out together during their teens and young adulthood .... your aunt Mary McCormick-Bartlett was one of 15 guests present at combined "shower-stag" party for my parents a few weeks before their wedding in 1933.
    I'm so pleased that you were old enough to know and appreciate your marvelous Uncle Joe ... my mentor , friend and all around magnificent human being .... and thank you and Jim for opening your door to me and helping me put this McCormick Family Tribute together. God love and protect you and yours.

  4. hi again gerry!

    'have just uncovered a 1930s snap which adds further lore to your coverage of the McCormicks.

    it shows a "young & virile" Charlie McComick holding aloft two little boys - probably his sons. they are on a sandy beach (possibly Sandy Point)... in the background is Josie (Butler) Kelly, mum's sister.

    it's yours should you want it!



  5. Dickie , you are a goldmine! .... and a dear , life-long friend to boot ! How can I ever thank you fully for all the support ...both moral as well as material .. you have been giving me in my humble endeavours. How right you are in recalling that our parents ..... Al and Scotty , Charlie and Marion , Ed and Josie .... had all been very close friends long before we came along. So yes , by all means ,Dickie ... any visual testimonial to these ties binding our families together are most welcome and I thank you in advance.
    I am looking forward to doing a post sometime soon on the Caddells and your own family's rightful "claim to Pokiok fame" .... I'll keep you in the loop.

    Sláinte agus slan go fóill

  6. hi gerry and further to your idea on the Caddells:

    I have a early-1938 vintage snap of a young Miss Erma Caddell holding an infant in her arms. the shot was taken somewhere on the Caddell's property, of course in Pokiok!

    since I was that child, I too have a "Pokiok claim to fame".

    again Gerry, this picture is now yours.



  7. note: an addendum:

    as a "companion shot" to Charlie & his boys, I have found another snap, perhaps taken at the same time and place.

    it features a lovely young Marion, along with two of her kiddies, and the ever-vivacious Josie (Butler) Kelly!

    as an aside, the venue just could be McCormick's Island and not Sandy Point as previously thought.

    you'll have them at our next powwow!



  8. another ad on:

    'just for the record, it's McCormack's Island not McCormick's as per the family spelling.

    we have to keep the integrity of our research to the highest standards!

    if not, whatever would the "scholarly crew" at TH's think?

    yours in JMJA,


  9. Dear Keeper of Sacred Scrolls
    Please note the spelling of the family name in question that dwelt upon said island back in days of yore.

    Rank 176
    Date June 13 1893
    County Saint John
    Place Saint John
    Newspaper Saint John Globe

    d. 10th inst., at Kennebecasis Island (Kings Co.) of acute meningitis of the brain, John Thomas mcCormick second s/o Ralph mcCormick and Catherine mcCormick, age 15 years 6 mos

    The Voice from the Crypt

  10. O Most Awesome Voice from the Crypt:

    I, and the RKYC navigational committee are in error! But, their most recent sailing charts of the area ID the island as McCormack's.

    However, we DO know that the McCormick Clan inhabited the island from earliest times, as you have noted.

    Could this be another Sassenach bit of guile?

    the KofSS.

  11. extra ... extra!

    were you aware of a complete genealogy (1830-2008) of "your" McCormicks? it's titled: Descendants of Ralph & Bridget McCormick.

    this is one of the most complete family trees I've yet to encounter!

    please advise soonest.

    dickie aka the KofSS.

  12. ad to the previous:

    it's on the net!


  13. JUST an fyi, when saving the pic's for download the picture info has the last name as, "mccormack" ?


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