Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Medley of McCormick Family Memories

The medley of pictures that appear in this entry come from three main sources...... many having been passed on to me by Susan McCormick-Miller who most generously and graciously gave me access to the family album ... one excellent oldie from an old friend , Dickie Scott , of a "dapper" young Joe McCormick decked out in his Sunday finest .... probably near the family home on Chesley Street ... and likewise a few from my own family scrapbooks.

On left a picture of all four McCormick boys .... from left to right ... Gerry , baby Ralph and Billy ..... with Dave riding shotgun in background.

The three group pictures above show pupils from Saint Peter's Boys School during the early to mid 1940s. Dave McCormick figures in two of them while brother Gerry appears in only one along with two other Pokiokers , my good buddy , Art McGuire and my childhood playmate , Ray Earle. Bobby McGuire of Spar Cove Road fame , son of Art the grocer , also shows up twice in Dave's class pics under names Bob and  Robert . Photo below shows a very young Joe McCormick sporting his best Sunday "duds" ... pants well creased ! ... and clasping his Al Jolson hat in left hand .... most likely taken close to home up the "Strait Shore" .                                                      

On left below Father Doucette and Father Joe at Saint Mary's College , Brockville , Ontario with power house in background ....... taken around 1952-53. Below on right four Redemptorist seminarians ... Joe Crawford , Don Fields , Ed Coady and George Glover present to Father Joe their long term papers in history as chapters of a group publication ... in book form ... with a humourous introduction by another professor.   

Above on left ...... a young Father Joe standing proudly beside his uncle , Father Charles McCormick 1871-1959 ... one of the great pioneers of the Redemptorist Order in Canada , great uncle to Gerry and his siblings ... three generations of McCormicks serving God as Redemptorist priests ..... under the C.Ss.R. banner and slogan , "Copiosa apud Eum redemptio"...."With Him there is much redemption"! On right I believe is a pic of Father Joe when attending Catholic University of Washington. 

Father Joe came to my going away party in Pokiok back in August , 1955 and is seen here on our front lawn flanked by Ed Mullaly and Ethel Kierstead-Mullaly and son , "Sonny". On left older brother , Charlie , poses with kid brother , Joe ...... most probably taken around mid 1920s.


  1. Hi Gerry, Just had a look of the pictures of the McCormicks,It brings back a lot of old memories, I remember playing with Billy,when we were just little kids,down by the woodyard of the Snowklake Lime, One picture is worth a million words,Keep up the good work....The Old,Old,Pokioker...Art.

  2. Right you are , Art , as nothing can conjure up old memories any better than old snapshots .... they speak volumes by themselves. And the rows of slabwood from the old sheds all the way up to Belleview Ave ..... great place to play there in the woodyard when we were kids.I have often wondered how many armfuls of slabwood crossed over to the other side of Pokiok Road after nightfall to heat the needy homes during those long , cold winters .... times were tough and money scarce !
    Thanks for your kind words of encouragement , Art .... The Younger Pokioker

  3. Hi Gerry, thank you for posting these pics of the McComick clan.you are doing an awesome job, restoring memories and giving our younger generation,a glimpse into the past.I sent David the link to this site and he is going to visit Jerry later this month.Keep up the great work . I am very pleased to share in your memories and am anxiously awaiting meeting more Pokiokers!! Susan McCormick Miller

  4. Hi Susan,

    You are most welcome , Susan , a it is a great pleasure for me to share with my readers the warm feelings , fond memories and "reverential" respect I have always nurtured "for all things McCormick" !