Monday, September 12, 2011

A Heron in a Beech Tree ! McGillicuddy Rides Again !

I guess that seeing a heron in a beech tree is every bit as credible as seeing a partridge in a pear tree ... moreso maybe because .......  while beech trees , herons and partridges abound in this neck of the woods , pear trees are a rare commodity indeed !! Rebekah and I were standing on the edge of the "Crick" two days ago when we spotted old McGillicuddy strutting his stuff again among the ducks and gulls so she snapped off a few photos of the old boy as he made his daily rounds...... simply taking care of business as usual.

Shortly after this Pokiok's lanky-legged , long-necked answer to the stealth bomber lifted and flew up into a nearby beech tree which overhangs the "Crick" ....... from which vantage point he diligently and vigilantly oversees his vast domain ...... and Pokiokers can breathe more easily and sleep more profoundly ... knowing all the while that McGillicuddy is standing guard at The Moat ( The "Crick" ).


  1. hi gerry!

    'so happy to know your McGillicuddy is still among the living and ever flying high!

    how about you designing a crest featuring "the blessed bird" along with a Pokiok reference, and of course, a suitable Latin motto?

    I'm sure the regulars who attend your table at TH's would love to display and sport such a crest.

    let's face it doctor, you're onto something here.



  2. Dear Dick ,
    Thanks a trillion for the great ideas ... and why not push my fertile mind to the limits and design a suitable crest for old McGillicuddy ... and a Latin slogan to boot .... how about , " Pokiokense volamus noctu , sed McGillicuddy interdiu solum !" In Pokiok we fly by night , but old Mack flys by day only! .... ???????
    And there's more to come..... Seo do shl√°inte ! Health to you ! Gerry

  3. thanks again gerry & "lang may yer lum reek"


  4. What a proud bird!

    What's going on in nowadays?! :)

  5. Yes, Rebekah ... he is indeed! Well , all is quiet in Pokiok... the deer have been hanging out near the Twin Ponds during the hunting season ... right next to a few dwellings where nobody can discharge a firearm and eating the apples that have fallen from the wild appletree right next to the Upper Pond.
    Within the next few days I hope to write up another entry about two families that once called Pokiok home !