Monday, November 28, 2011

Newcomers to Pokiok ?

Lower Twin Pond in Pokiok in May 2010

Lower Twin Pond in Pokiok in April 2011

This last October Senator Nicole Eaton mysteriously awoke from a self-induced coma in Ottawa and began proposing that Canada replace the "dentally defective rat" .... our beloved beaver .... by the magnificent and awe-inspiring carnivore of the North .... the polar bear ..... as our national emblem of Canadian sovereignty. In other words , OUT with the "varmint" who is found in every nook and cranny of Canada and IN with the Leviathan of the North ! Granted the splendor and might of our northern brother .... however , I have never heard of any polar bear excelling in swamp management , changing the course of any major waterway  .... nor building an igloo to house his family! Amen.

Comparing pictures of the Lower Twin Pond for 2010 and 2011 I do believe we have a family of beavers leasing real estate on the northwestern side ..... Papa beaver has been a busy guy over the last year .... piling up sticks , reeds and mud  at the old discharge ( about 7 or 8 meters beyond the lodge ) thereby backing up the flow and raising the water level in the pond  , also building a lodge from same materials...... and whenever a beaver builds a lodge he is not alone ... so I shall be keeping my eyes open for any "local riparian population growth" ! During my youth I have no recollection of beavers in that area so this would seem to be an innovation ... maybe there is a colony out at Robertson's Lake and one young male broke away and set out to found another settlement here ?????Whatever be the truth or the reason for their being here I simply say," Welcome to Pokiok...and stay afloat !" In closing I wish to draw your attention to the presence of a rather sizeable poplar grove just behind the beaver lodge .... oodles of juicy young saplings ..... gourmet beaver food ! This grove has grown up quickly over the last 15 years and will go on doing so for many years to come. I promise to keep my readers in the loop as to all future activities in or around the Twin Ponds ..... and never forget that a beaver ... our national chomper... appeared on Canada's first postage stamp in 1851 !!

The Lower Twin Pond in Winter ............ the place where I began my illustrious career as a hockey player back in 1940-1941 alongside other well-known puck chasers .... Tommy MacDonald , Ray Earle , Harry Cross , Sonny King , Gerry , Larry and Bobby McCoy ......


  1. Bravo to you & your beavers!

    As another North End sage recently observed: Beavers, unlike the Polar Bear, do not poop in the woods either!

    Our brother Grey Owl (now in the Great Beaver Lodge in the sky) would be very proud of you.

    May I suggest you name your beaver "Buck", as a tribute to another Pokiok personality of yesteryear?

    And, may the legends of Pokiok "increase & multiply".


  2. Gerry "Buck" McNultyNovember 30, 2011 at 6:20 PM

    Thank you so much , of faithful reader , for all the kind suggestions and encouraging words.
    With Texas undergoing its worst drought in 100 years , I say we should send them a truckload of Canadian beavers to harness , bridle and yoke whatever water heaven sends them during the year .... instead of letting it run off into the Gulf ... or into neighbouring Louisiana and New Mexico !! Let's reverse the migrant worker trend .... Canadian labour force for Southwest and Mexico !!!!
    Yes, Buck , Bucky for our newcomer sounds good to me ... or maybe even " Chomper" ... gives the impression he's enjoying what he's doing and making noise to boot .....

    Drop by again soon as I'm about to update "Chomper's" villa with pictures taken yesterday which are quite revealing ....

    Gerry "Buck" McNulty

  3. hi gerry!

    can't wait to catch all the "goings on" of Chomper & his gang. does this mean a new era in the Pokiok-related human/animal interest stories?

    but in your zeal for Chomper, please don't neglect old McGillicuddy (DFC), will you?

    your faithful reader & follower,


  4. Gerry "Buck" McNultyDecember 3, 2011 at 9:41 PM

    Hi Dickie ,
    Without overdoing the animal thingy I certainly hope to mention a few memorable animals from my early life in Pokiok as well as those I see nowadays during my frequent visits to the old hills. As for McGillicuddy riding ... or rather flying high again leaves no doubt in my mind.

    I'll try to put up that update on Chomper some time soon.
    Ciao for now ! et introibo ad altare Dei !

    1. hi gerry,

      It's been about two months now and no updates on McGillicuddy!

      Where, doctor, is that blessed bird hiding?

      You owe it to your faithful readers - and those who follow the comings & goings of ALL things Pokiok - to provide further intelligence and info re our high-flying mascot,



    2. hi gerry,

      word has it that the robins have returned to Pokiok and surrounding environs, but isn't it about time for an update on McGillicuddy?

      now that you have immortalized "ole Mac" in your writings, your ever-faithful readers are eagerly awaiting briefs, bulletins and news!

      we're hoping that Mac has not gone the way of the fabled Phoenix!

      give us info, oh doctor!