Monday, November 21, 2011

Tribute to an Honourary Pokioker!

On September 25th last ... 2011.... family and frends gathered at Saint John's and Saint Stephen's Nursing Home in MIllidgeville to celebrate the 103rd birthday of a dear , sweet lady .... Alma Butler-Scott , wife of the late Walter Scott and mother of Dickie , Lorna and Bobby. For those of you who followed sports in the North End during the 1940s , -50s and -60s you might remember her brother , Eddie Butler , who managed Saint Peter's ballpark in Summer and skating rink in Winter.


Alma and my mother , Josie , were childhood best friends and remained as such throughout their lives until my Mom's death in 1993. She was likewise my Mom's bridesmaid when my folks married back in 1933.
From my earliest years ...... and right down until today ..... I have always felt deep , warm ties to the Scott family .... much like those I bear toward the McElwaines , Joyces and Johnstons .... something close to kinship bonds without the blood relationship I guess. 

At this moment some of my readers might be wondering how this homage to a great lady ... Alma Scott ... as well as her family ......  fits into my Pokiok site. To this I answer , " Because unbeknownst to most , Alma along with her husband , Walter, and first-born , Dickie once lived in our midst in Pokiok and trudged up and down the hills like the rest of us did." In the Spring of 1939 the Scott family moved back to Saint John from Halifax where Scotty ( Walter ) had been working. Having been born during the preceding month of December (1938) , Dickie was still very much blissfully.... though unknowingly .... enjoying that cuddly stage of his existence ... and was endowed with a great pair of lungs ... so the story goes ..... Being overjoyed by her dear friend's return and hearing that the recently widowed Mrs Ruth Caddell of 53 Pokok Road ... at the foot of Big Hill  ... had an upstairs apartment for rent ...... my Mom brought both parties together ..... and the Scotts became Pokiokers at the signing of the lease. From what I and Dickie remember  they lodged with Mrs Caddell at least one year .... maybe two ... 

Erma Caddell with baby snookums .. Dickie Scott .... summer of 1939

Josie ( my Mom ) , a very curious baby snookums and myself  ... in our backyard ... 1939

Note: Sydney and Ruth Caddell first appear in the Saint John City Directory for 1913 ... just before the First World War ... as living at 53 Pokiok Road. Both were natives of Exeter in England. They had two children , a son , Walter Leslie  ... and a daughter , Erma , who would later marry Bill Hutchison. Sydney died on January 26th , 1939 at age 61 while  Ruth or Nanny Caddell  , as many of us called her, would die on December 26th ,  1952 at age 70.  


  1. hi gerry!

    your research, words and pics are continuing to bring our pasts back to life!

    what you are doing (for all of us) is recreating a history, which for many, was almost unknown.

    thank you for your "special work".

    Ad Multos Annos!



  2. Is that the famous dickie scott, noted baritone soloist and journalism-news prof?