Sunday, April 29, 2012

More Tall Tales From The Crick

 Nobody alive today is more capable of recalling and telling the history of the Spar Cove Road - The Crick - The Snowflake Lime area of Pokiok any better ..... or with more enthusiasm and accuracy ....than my old buddy , Art McGuire.  Art is your classical storyteller of yore still walking among us today. Consequently , I think I'll make use of his precious gift in this post by featuring a few of Art's priceless e-mails to me in the last two months in which he recounts certain happenings from his youth.

Hi Gerry,

 Here is another oldie. From left to right Walter Bailey  ..."Tatters" McGouey ... Bill Williams ... Guy Gregory who worked in the office of Furness and Gregory and lived in the front part of the Marley house on Spar Cove Road.... then Hazen ? .... forget his last name ... he was an office worker too. A picture of the old gang taken probably around 1947-48 over near the Deacon Seat. And , of course , the one on the far right is my father , John McGuire, with Bill Williams' dog, Brownie , sitting there in front of them. That dog was crazy......  just say to the dog, "sic, sic, 'em" ... and the dog would grab onto anyone handy. One day the mailman was going by our house, and Brownie was on our lawn, so my father thought it would be a good joke to say to Brownie "sic, sic, 'em" and , honest to God, the dog grabbed the mailman by the seat of his baggy trousers.There was hell to pay for that one. When I see the old pictures it brings back a lot of old memories and the story is true .... a guy would be arrested today for some of the pranks we pulled and the same goes for shooting my 22 cooey gun.
Time to pack it in for tonight , Gerry
The old , old  Pokioker

Hi Gerry,
Well here I am again, I thought I would send a few pictures of the Lime Kiln sheds in the spring freshet. It is so hard to believe anybody in their right mind would build such a thing in such a place .... knowing full well that every spring they were going to be flooded out. They had to take the electric starters for the hydrator and motors to high ground or else they would be ruined. In one picture it shows Bob McGuire sailing into the shed that made the lime powder, [ hence snowflake lime ] another I am standing on the roof of #3 and #4 shed, that is my boat that is backed in ....
              In the other pictures, we are down by the square in Indiantown and note the granite trough where the horses would stop and have a drink of water.The boats in the pictures, Pretty Baby and Party Doll, were built by me, They were quite fast in that age ... around thirty five or more miles an hour.We sure had a lot of fun with them and they were well named.
              I would like to add to my comment on your last posting that Myles Hovey had a skiff boat too with a 3hp Fairbanks and Morse Make and Break engine in it. I bought it from him for seventy five dollars ....  some of the money that I got for renting out my row boat for three dollars a day. He also had a big power boat that he kept tied up at the abutment at the mouth of the Crick .... the name of the boat was the TRY ME .... he would take people out for a small fee, sail to Long Island, put you ashore to have a picnic, swim, the ladies chat,  kids play, then back to the Snowflake wharf. It was dark when we got home ...  I know , because I was one of kids who was there, a nice boat trip, devilled ham sandwiches, sand between our toes.  and it just seems like yesterday...
The  old , old Pokioker .....Art.

A Story for Kid Pokiok.
             Many years ago Lou McGuire had salmon set-nets on the Saint John River and you had to fish them on the tide. He had one in Welch's Cove and he was going there to fish his net. It was a very black night and  his boat went at a good fast clip ..... it was painted black, and unbeknownst to him, there was another black boat at anchor in the cove that belonged to John Sherwood. The name of the boat was the Sparrow. Well you guessed it .... Lou's boat hit the Sparrow at a right angle on the port side.When Lou saw what had happened, he put his motor in reverse, and backed out off the Sparrow, leaving a gaping hole in the boat ....  five feet long and a couple of inches above the water line.
         When John went to get his boat ,the first thing he did, was pull up anchor, and head for the safety of Snug Harbour. I was a witness to his motoring into the Crick that morning  ....  he was sitting on the starboard side so as to keep the boat tilted and higher out of the water.
          Lou went to a boat builder , a certain Mr Ring, then to another fellow that could do the repairs, and he was shocked at the price they wanted to fix up the Sparrow.Lou asked me if I could help him fix the boat so I Went to Murray and Gregory's, got some pine boards, and some oak boards, got our steam pipe.
          In a week or so the Sparrow was sailing the river again. It is funny now looking back at this boat, with this large hole in it,  putt-putting along with its one cylinder engine and John sitting on the extreme side, but it was not so funny back then.
         This is just one of the many moments of life back in the the days of my youth ..... a bed time story from the old, old Pokioker.  Art

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