Sunday, September 30, 2012


I'm currently travelling in France, but with this cutting edge technology I'm still able to post to you a link to my photos ... New ones will be added as I go along.

Cheerio! Longer update to follow :)

Photo albums


  1. hi gerry!

    we miss you!

    'hope all is going well in France.

    'looking forward to your return on or about the 18th.

    'came across a "rare" Brockville publication that you might not be familiar with? we'll check it out together soon.



    1. Hello Master Richard,
      I'm taking the opportunity here to also share a link to my photo album

    2. MY photo album. I meant to turn it into a link in the first place..

  2. Hi Dickie ,
    Great hearing from you and I have a bad connection here so I'm going to be brief .. had a long one to you and was shut down so I lost the whole shebang so thanks a billion for taking care of Rebekah and Raoul ... McDuff .. my very best to the lads and I'll see you soon
    Ciao for now

  3. And by the way , Dickie ... I'm having a ball


  4. hi Rebekah,

    Again, just want to compliment you on your superb photography!

    Your close-ups - not an easy task - are excellent.

    Keep shooting!

    Master Richard.

    1. Thank you so much for you kind words ... and yes, I will keep shooting when the weather isn't this miserable! :)

      This site is a good message board too!

  5. Hi Gerry,

    Col. Carlin & "meself" arrived for coffee at TH's ... no sign of Billy Dowd?

    'Not sure if he's still up for being a regular. I think there's a lot on his plate these days.

    'Told the Col. that we (you & meself) had been in touch and he was sorry to hear that "your house maid's knee complaint has resurfaced".

    Looking forward to your illustrious company next week!


    dickie (aka Master Richard).

  6. Hi Dickie ,
    Thanks so much for the blow-by-blow minutes of the last meeting of the Over The Hill Gang .... I certainly appreciate the time alloted to my house maid's knee and other bodily deficiencies by those present ... Maybe yourself and myself could find some time over the weekend to "throw back a few" at Timmy's ... I'm rearin' and roarin' to go .... should this proposal blow your skirt up , give me a holler !
    Slán go fóill

  7. Hi Gerry,

    'Sorry, just received your most recent.

    'Will call you on Monday to check on our next encounter.

    If possible, (this time only) could we meet on either Tuesday or Thursday?



  8. Hi Gerry,

    Great to meet with you on Thursday!

    'Must tell you how much I appreciate receiving "Hommage A Gerry McNulty" ... although I can't (yet) totally translate the French & Montagnaise, I can easily recognize the deep sentiments and affection directed to you from your many friends and colleagues at Laval.

    I, remember, had a ringside seat in the very early days of your formation: the school yard of Saint Peter's Boys and the classrooms and playing fields at Saint Mary's College!

    Ad Multos Annos, Gerry ...



  9. Hi Gerry,

    'Certainly enjoying your reminiscences about those fabled student days in Italy!

    (Right off, the name Ralph McQuaid range a bell from Brockville times.)

    Again, your keen mind, great attention to detail, and the "cast of characters" you have known and remember, is more than delightful.

    'Can't help but wonder though, if you are now planning and compiling research on the comings & goings of "your followers" who gather (almost) weekly at TH's?

    As we well know, (from Boston Blackie), anything you say will be taken down and held against you.

    I'm checking with my Amerindian & Inuit pals to see if "confidentiality of sources" was always upheld and respected. "Hardly ever" is a scary phrase isn't it?



  10. Hi Gerry,

    'Can't wait to get your take on "RC Theology by EB" ... I'm quite sure I heard the rustle of Tommy rolling over in his casket.

    An old nun sitting behind me was heard to mutter: "I suppose murder can to a good thing too ... sometimes."

    I took the liberty of reminding her of Christian charity ... I knew you would have been proud of me!



  11. Correction:

    In my second sentence, make that "murder can BE a good thing ..."

    dickie's editor.

  12. Hi Gerry,

    Many thanks for the copies of those two great old photographs: your Grade 5 class of 1946 and the St. Peter's Grade 9 girls of 1953-54.

    I can honestly say I vividly remember almost 95 per cent of these kids!

    Many of the young ladies became well known to me during my high school in this city in 1955-57 ... most of them went on to St. Vincent's and "we" saw them often.

    'Just one observation: in your 4th row (of boys) right next to Two-Gun Crowley, is Jackie Evans - not B. Evans as written. I believe Jack has been in touch with you in the recent past?

    It's sad too to id some of the boys who have gone on to the that "great school yard in the sky" ... Lowe, Vaughn, McCarthy, Duffy, & Cullinan, just to name a few. God love them all!



  13. Dear Dickie,
    Very pleased to share my treasures with good friends, li'l brother and , from the spotless reputation you had back in those days , I think you are underestimating just how well you knew the young ladies in the picture !!
    Your keen eyes have saved me some embarrassment with the Evans lad's identity. In my fuzzy thinking I was wondering why John's younger brother would be in my grade 5 class... didn't stop to think until your remark shook the cobwebs out of the "attic" (my brain )Thank you , Dick.
    Looking forward to seeing you next Wednesday as always


  14. Hi and thanks again Gerry for ALL the photos.

    'Just in passing, over 50 per cent of my high school grad class are now deceased. That's out of just 52 young men.

    We had our 50th reunion about five years ago and since that time about four or five have passed and several were reportedly in very poor health!

    Wasn't it you who coined the phrase: "Think of death and you'll never sin" ... funny how those pious thoughts remain with one, isn't it.




  15. Hi Gerry,

    'Just a brief addendum on the "quote":

    A sainted CSC father just told me all the CSsRs & SJs do all day long is think up improbable remarks to fool the Catholic (Irish) laity!

    When I told him it was YOUR quote, his unworthy response was: "White man speaks with forked tongue" ... in impeccable Latin, I told him to Go to The Devil!

    Are you STILL proud of me?




  16. Hi Gerry,

    Kudos to you for catching my error re the student population at UW ... you old fact-checker, you!

    However, this recent slip of mine has had me do some double-checking on a few other "truths" I once held sacred:

    . Elmer Fudd DID NOT have a twin brother Elmo.
    . "Pleasure Island" WAS NOT penned by Robert Louis Stevenson.
    . St. Peter's nickname among The 12 WAS NOT Rocky.

    It is amazing, is it not, how these factual errors do take hold of one's thinking process?

    But when I saw that clear, discerning, professorial-look come across your face the other morning at TH's, I knew I was on the skids.

    Again, my thanks for keeping Wednesday's discussion group - not only at a
    high-level - but accurate to boot!

    Yours, in all that's good & holy,


  17. Dear disillusioned one,

    Deeply sorry to burst your gullible bubble but here are a few more you might have overlooked .... 1) the Dogpatch schmoos were really from Musquash , not Lower Slobovia 2) Joe BTFSPLK was not his real name and had spent 8 years in grade 1 because he couldn't spell his own name 3)Earthquake McGoon was not the dirtiest "wrassler" in the world but rather a real pussycat 4)Wily Coyote buys his hardware from Canadian Tire and not from ACME 5)it is runoured that after their movie careers were over both Elmer Fudd and Sylvester Cat taught advanced phonetics at UW ... and the list goes on !
    Constantly striving with folks like yourself... and this in spite of all obstacles roll back the frontiers of human knowledge , I remain , Your humble guru
    The Enlightened One


  18. Dear Gu-ru,

    How does one follow a literary act like that?

    Henceforth, I'll be sticking to the glories of Readers' Digest and that enlightened monthly, MAD magazine!



  19. Hi Gerry,

    It's been some time now (actually too long) since you last reported on the comings & goings of your mascot and feathered companion, McGillicuddy ... his followers and your readers simply MUST be kept informed!

    Please don't tell us you are now following the tack being taken by the city's constabulary: Silentium? What about your public's right to know?

    With rosaries in hand we await!




  20. Hi Gerry,

    Many thanks to you, & Messrs. Dowd and Carlin for the birthday card and most especially, the Words of Wisdom. In six words, the secret of a long life became so clear and so incredibly obvious, even to the neophyte.

    In response to the new law relating to Wednesday morning absences, rest assured that I will totally comply to the spirit of the document. Further, I applaud the action of the members in this important matter.

    Ad multos annos & Slainte!



  21. Gerry,

    Only moments ago I retrieved my copy of "T'was the Night Before Christmas at Rock-Away Rest", and what a gem it is!

    I for one, am sure this could be a major hit, if arranged in "rapper style" with a tight, hot-drum rhythm pulsating in the background.

    A special added touch just might be a cool trio of snappy oldsters voicing the lyrics. Just think of the promotional possibilities!

    This must certainly top our Wednesday a.m. agenda at TH's ... rock on doctor!

    To Auld Lang Syne,



  22. Hi again Gerry,

    'Am enjoying your "latest rendition" of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas", featuring Grandpa treating, the teenagers, and Mom & Pop to some old-fashioned Christmas fun.

    It's nice to know that you (for one) still find pleasure in those days of yore when simpler things gave folks so much enjoyment and good fun. It's a pity we've lost so many of the old traditions.

    I think our Wednesday a.m. get-togethers are keeping a lot of our "collective memories" alive. Just think of all the boys, the teachers, the characters, the antics, etc., we trot out weekly!

    I'm sure Josie & Alma would be thinking: isn't it just grand!



  23. Dear Sentimental One ,
    Yes , Dickie , so much truth in what you say and I , for one , would simply love to pull the switch like grandpa and once more relive a Christmas of yore... just one more time before I hand my bowling shoes back to God behind the Big Counter. The awe of Christmas morning .... coming down the stairs ever so gingerly to see whether old Santa had come by ... and then spotting the tree all trimmed in the flickering light from the small window in the pot-bellied stove at the foot of the stairs with all the gifts spread out..... just the warmth and mystery of it all back then !!If religious faith were only as easy as believing in Santa was in those days !!
    And yes , Dick ... our Wednesdays keep us close as a group of guys who share a common past ... up to a point , of course ... plus all the individual baggage each has acquired over the years ... that we can pool together .... and especially you and myself because of already existing family ties and friendships that we were born into and grew up enjoying.
    These last two days my phone has been ringing constantly ... Hansen sends all his best to us all , Bob Marino who was with me in Windsaor and Italy called from London where he is now retired from UWO , Doug Purschke called from Saskatoon ... he jumped ship after 25 years a Redemptorist but shall see Gerry #Tex" Keindal at a funeral tomorrow and give him my best , friends in Brittany and Sweden , Bill Donnelly sends his best to you too ...
    I'll give you a call over the weekend , little brother ... or maybe on Christmas Eve only ...
    Barróga , mo chara agus Nollaig sona duit !

  24. Dear Sentimental Ones,
    Sorry to be intruding in this, closely knit, community, but I, too, wanted to add a few words about Christmases of yore. When I think of Christmas, I think of my childhood's holidays, and it's with a little knack of pain ... it's nostalgia and those are the times I just have to remind myself to treasure the memories and be thankful that I had peaceful Christmases in a warm atmosphere. Those times, I can never re-create ... that would be impossible, as most people involved have gone. Like all other families, we had our traditions -- the Christmas tree was to be dressed on the night of Dec. 23rd but not lit until the morning of Christmas Eve [that's the big day in my country].

    Now I live here and it's all good. Traditions are different, but they are just that ... different, no right or wrong here. I'm not so sure I'd want to pull that switch.

    Sorry, for taking up your time, guys ...but at the same time I would like to share a handy, little link:

    Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

    Ms. Santa-Claws


  25. Dear Mr. & Ms. "Claws"

    So nice to know WE share so many of the wonderful memories of Christmases past.

    Gerry, I especially remember (like you) coming down the stairs and seeing the tree. the presents, and all the real magic! That happiness we hoped would never end. But, it lives on in our hearts, doesn't it ... it always will!

    God bless,

    dickie/master richard


  26. Hi Gerry,

    Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa! How could I have - even for a day or two - forgotten your birthday?

    Perhaps it was the distraction of my recent trip to Ontario or the horror of having my car window smashed ... who knows? But, am I forgiven?

    May it be known far & wide, apart perhaps from March 17th, the feast of St. Patrick, that your birthday is most sacrosanct to me!




  27. Hi Gerry,

    Your shot of the Grove Gang, circa 1945, is a gem!

    Most of these boys had parents/relatives who had camps in the Grove during those years. In fact, some like the Hansens, McLaughlins & McBriartys, are STILL there!

    I started going to the Grove about 1947, but got to know most of the people and priests who spent summers there ... just like you.

    One note: I think one of the boys in the front row is George Riley (later Father Riley).

    George had an older brother who also became a priest.

    Great stuff, doctor!


    dickie (A grad of The Grove)

  28. Dear Young'un ,
    As a follow up to a recent post in the newly founded facebook group North Enders I inserted a photo of yourself in the heat of action on the ice lined up with other Brockville greats of Bohunk fame ... which drew the following comment
    from John Eldridge , " Is Dick Scott on facebook ?" .... to which I answered , and I quote , " Not yet , John , But I'll surely be up for the Lifetime Achievement Award should I succeed in getting him to do so ... "

    In passing it was Derek who posted the pic of the Chapel Grove boys asking for help in naming all the guys with the exception of Doug and Greg , of course. Rebekah has drawn a pic of both you and your "boy sprouts" and the Chapel Grove Crew which I shall joyfully hand over to you at tomorrow's strategic meeting.

    Ah! the Grove ! What wonderful years we both spent up there when we were young and fancy free ... memories that I can feed of ... nay mooch off ... in my wildest reveries..... stealing apples from old Harry Redman's trees ... unburdening his appletrees as I like to think of it ... singsongs around the piano in the "lodge" with Aunt MIldred pumping the pedals and tickling the keys ... setting mice traps in the old priest house ... scaring the daylights out of women coming out of the chapel after evening rosary ... we had laid an old pipe from behind one tombstone , through the sometimes deep grass , to Mike McCann's tombstone and uttered moans through it as the girls left the church .. etc

    And since it seems that the written word is your chosen technique to get me to open up , well then , you win this time ! Looking forward to our next encounter ....

    Cura ut valeas !

    NB. cura: 2nd person singular imperative mode with meaning " take care , see to it that .../ ut: so that / valeas: 2nd person singular , subjunctive mode required because ofconjunction of purpose "ut"with meaning "you be well"

    Or as wished in more understandable English.... See to it that you be well ! ... or take care of yourself !! Amen !This was Cicero's favourite way of signing off to his best friend , Atticus.

    Kid Pokiok


  29. Hail Kid Pokiok!

    After your above treatise on "cura", could you please inform me - and the rest of your followers - if the word "screw" has a pluperfect subjunctive?

    (This could hold until 11 a.m. tomorrow at TH's.)

    'Looked through Cic's Academica, but could find no reference?

    Am I barking up the wrong tree?




  30. Hi Gerry,

    As per your request this morning, I have identified by name ALL of the boys from the photographs of 1946 and 1951. The names are typewritten so you'll have no trouble reading the script.

    Also, in the Grove shot, I think you're right, it probably is Ken Porter. The cast of characters, location and vintage, all seem to indicate this.

    We really should authenticate this, either through Mary Gillen or Bill McLaughlin.

    I'll deliver my assignment at TH's next Wednesday.

    It was fun!

    Your unworthy servant,



  31. Overheard from a table recently at TH's:

    Isn't it amazing that a man of learning & letters like Dr. McNulty spends his valuable time with that trio of "old gangsters", when he could be enjoying the intellectual companionship of prelates, priests and professors?

    Answer: Well, that's true, but Gerry - for some unknown reason - has dedicated his North End retirement to "the betterment of the most abandoned souls" ... at least, that's what some say.

    Response: Of course, ... but didn't you also know that unlearned trio just love Gerry's edifying discourses on Cicero!

    (Observed by the Fly on the Wall)

  32. Salve Fratre Musca in Pariete,
    Methinks , dear friend , thou dost bestow upon me far too much intellectual ability , agility and prowess whereas , in all reality , I am but a dim-witted , backwoods , uncouth dolt ...... and that, my dear Musca , is precisely why I hang out with the likes of you guys !In the kingdom of the blind , the one-eyed man is king !!d Just kidding here , of course !

    Nevertheles , moreover and heretoforth I pledge myself to continue rolling back the frontiers of human knowledge ... yeah stamping out ignorance in spite of resistance from the masses ...... even embellishing reality or truth when necessary or expedient at our weekly meetings.

    A simple man
    Kid Pokiok


  33. Howdy Kid Pokiok!

    Excellent observations. Let's explore both reality & truth at our next gathering.

    I can't think of a better venue for such indepth probing and analysis than TH's.

    I'll inform "da boys" in advance so they'll come prepared ...

    Ride on Kid Pokiok!


  34. Hi Gerry,

    'Seems that your splendid idea for a signal flag from one of the house's upper windows is not possible just now. The sash has been painted over several times and I cannot pry it loose.

    However, all is not lost! How about one of the following?:

    . A flare gun
    . Smoke signals
    . A homing pigeon

    Of course, there's always the "old landline telephone", still popular with those 65 years and older!


    dickie, a friend of Kid Pokiok.


  35. Hi Gerry!

    The most recent task you assigned me - a signal system from my house to yours - is NOT as easy as I had originally thought!

    It seems homing pigeons are unreliable, you can't get ammo for the flare guns, and the Native People I consulted with thought the idea was bad ... they haven't used smoke in 150 years!

    Even the usually nice lady at BellAliant told me to get lost when I mentioned a landline handset.

    But, thought-waves just might be the solution? I'll keep on it!

    dickie. (Long-time sidekick of Kid Pokiok)


  36. Kid Pokiok & dickie,

    After reading your "stuff" it's easy to see why you two reform school grads can't come up with a real solution.

    Your simple answer is: semaphore flags.

    Get Pokiok on his roof and hang dickie from his window and you two should be in business.

    Well ... you DO have to learn the code. But it used to work in the navy.

    Chief Pocologan. (Of clam chowder fame)

  37. Dear Dickie ,
    It causes me great distress , my old friend .... but it appears you forgot to close the window and a most bothersome " butinsky" fly has now pitched his wigwam on our wall.I recognize the name .... his great grandfather, Mooch the Musca ,was chief of the Musquash band back in the 1880s and his father , Big Flood , would leave the swamps in the early 1900s with a breakaway rebellious bunch and found the Magaguadavit Band ... a bit upstream from modern Saint George, NB. Shortly after their setting up camp Big Flood's wife , Full Moon , gave birth to a chubby little warrior whom they named Low Tide. THis name would .. in a most uncanny way ... foretell his future calling.

    Like most native children his own age born along a river which empties into the sea ... Low Tide spent his days "in harmony with nature" ... living the American dream so to speak ... he loved all God's creatures ... birds , animals , fish etc ... however , very early on he manifested a profound predilection for one little beastie Noah didn't have to worry about ... the clam! How he loved to dig them up at "low tide " at Degdeguash , fondle them , sing to them , tap their wee black heads to make them retreat back into their shells...!!! Oh!What fun !

    To make a long story shorter I shall jump ahead a wee bit. As he grew older and bolder Low Tide noticed that , contrary to native food consumption habits , neighbouring Whites actually ate clams for nourishment.Visions of dollar signs began dancing in his head so , idling no more .....accompanied by a loss of the warm and fuzzy feeling toward his favourite shellfish , off he went to nearby Pocologan where he founded a clam factory. This business flourished for a few years until scandal brought about its downfall. This will be discussed at a later date.

    However , I will say this to Chief Poco .... using the very words his dear old Dad , Big Flood , once said to me as he forcefully ushered me out of his teepee ," Tshima tshinipaisk ne uen nast eka kaiatshentakushit !"

    As it stands now , Dickie , to avoid the likes of Chief Poco poking their noses into our family secrets looks as though we might be forced to take the grand means ... I mean extreme measures ... to find a solution to our wee problem .... however , I simply refuse to bring up that old hackneyed , trite solution we have discussed so often that it iritates your very best inner self !!

    Cura ut omnia sapiam ... maxime ut valeas
    Take care .. se to it that I know all ... and especially that you be well !
    Kid Pokiok

  38. Hi Gerry,

    Your grasp of local antiquity is simply limitless! Who else but Kid Pokiok would know the story of Mooch and Big Flood!

    At the risk of irritating the noble Chief Pocologan - who in the past has gone on lengthy hunger srikes, with only clam juice and tea for sustenance - let's leave him out of future intrigues.

    But, in passing, what caused him to throw you out of his teepee? And what is that 7-word expression ending in ... takushit?

    In the words of Lance Armstrong: Truth Conquers All.




  39. Hi Gerry,

    Our meeting today with Harold E. Wright, noted local author & columnist was most interesting ... there's not much he doesn't have a full grasp of when it comes to Saint John!

    I'm sure our "other guys", would be edified too, although he's not in a same league as the fabled Kid Pokiok!

    'Just wondered if the name Pill Hill comes from the two old magazines (pill boxes) that sat just below the summit of Fort Howe ... hence Magazine Street?

    Oh yes, that "tact squad vehicle" parked near my place this morning was not quite as lethal as you might have thought. Actually, although painted an ominous white and sporting a legion of yellow flashing lights, it was a carpenter's truck attending to some work at the Teck St. group home.

    Has anyone suggested that we should look into getting team jackets?




  40. Hi Gerry,

    Further to last Wednesday's "gathering of the intelligentsia":

    My sources at TH's have sent along a bit of sorry news: Our fly-on-the-wall has committed suicide. 'Don't have all the details yet, but it seems he/she/it did leave a penciled note?

    Of course, the local constabulary are playing it down: "What's another fly suicide in the North End?"

    'Couldn't seem to get your attention using semaphore!

    RIP & slainte!


  41. Hey Dickie ,
    I hear you loud and clear and deplore your great consternation and outrage at such sorrowful ... yeah tragic ... news. However , my dear friend .. take heart , be strong as some good may eventually come of all this..... and I quote my great mentor and bedtime buddy , Cicero ... " Una musca morta in manu plus quam duae conglutinantes sed vivantes in unguento valet !" ... " One dead fly in the hand is worth two stuck ...yet still alive... in the ointment !"

    Since the deceased left a suicide note ( or was it truly a suicide ? ) the logical procedure would be to have the wall ( maybe check for blood splatter , etc ) at TH's thoroughly examined , witnesses questioned and the fly's final words sent to the new ultramodern forensics lab at Peel Plaza. But wait ! .. we have the lab but nobody competent enough to use it ! In days gone by the local police force could always ask Appleby's to make the ultimate expertise but they're gone !! The more I reflect upon the situation , the angrier I become .. so I'll stop here for now.

    Our tight-lipped constabulary might loosen up somewhat were that "fly suicide" they make light of to become a "suicide fly" smashing headlong into their doughnut stash.

    Looking forward already to our next meeting of the minds , old friend

    Kid Pokiok


  42. Hi Kid Pokiok!

    Now that Boston Blackie & Philo Vance have departed for that "great cop shop in the sky", YOU are the only one left to handle the case.

    Further, it seems that the note contained just two "words": buzz-buzz? However, our Peel Plaza Pals think it just might be in code? The plot thickens ...

    What could have been the fly's motive? Fed up with hundreds of gritty North End street people gulping down thousands of double-doubles weekly? This is where the mind of the philosopher comes in, right?

    Are there any real philosophers on the force these days?




  43. Hi Kid Pokiok!

    My TH sources tell me there is a big break in the fly-on-the-wall homicide.

    It seems the coffee shop has literally hundreds of hours of videotape showing the shop's interior during the last few weeks. There's a good chance the evil deed has been captured on tape!

    All it would take is two or three "trained-observer volunteers" to take on the task of reviewing the tape. (Any suggestions?)

    Further, the "buzz-buzz note" could well be a form of Fly Morse Code, known only to flies hatched and bred in the city's North End ... at least that's what's being said around Peel Plaza.

    Obviously, this thing is taking on a life of its own, is it not?

    "Oh, to be in England ..."




  44. Hi Kid Pokiok,

    Well, there's been another bizarre twist in the case!

    Although there is a body (carcass?) of a fly, it is NOT our Fly-on-the-Wall of TH fame!

    An autopsy late this morning has revealed this. Further, the "buzz-buzz note" has been decoded and it is NOT a suicide note. All this directly from Peel Plaza and usually reliable sources at TH's.

    The ID of late fly has not been released by authorities and details of the note will remain sealed for the moment.

    Word that you, Kid Pokiok, were taking a personal interest in the event has obviously sped up the investigation.

    As you have told your followers for decades now, "Truth will emerge through open discussion - even in Saint John".

    Watch for the signs & slainte!


    1. From unreliable sources, I've been informed, that upon paramedics' arrival, the Fly had not flatlined. It was swiftly whisked away to Dalhousie.

  45. Dear Philo ,
    Your latest news leaves me slightly bewitched , moderately bothered and overwhelmingly bewildered ! Just when I thought the police were hurling curves , sinkers and knuckleballs at us , lo and behold they throw in a "sucker-pitch" just to spice up their botched handling of the "fly-on-the-wall" inquiry. The fastball straight into the catcher's mitt is beyond their intellectual , moral or physical ability!

    Re your mention concerning the sealing of fly's autopsy report and purported "last words "..... What more could one expext ? More than likely the poor creature had been a former resident of the old City Hall and witness to
    or privy to the hushed wheelings and dealings .. the greasing of palms , etc ... that took place between city officials and contractors during the allocation of contracts. In other words , the fly knew too much and had to be dealt with cordingly.

    Yet another plausible scenario , a by-product of keen North Ender insight and tenacity throughout this whole sordid affair , might possibly be played out as follows..... Upon his eviction from City Hall , the fly ,disgusted by the dishonesty and corruption he had witnessed in his former "digs" and being on the lookout for a more favourable dwelling place , unhesitatingly chose the North End TH ... not only for the A+ quality of Timmy's exquisite food and drinks , but also because of the honest and upright folks who belly up to their caffeine trough on a regular basis in this peaceful oasis .....Aye! and here lies the conjectural "rub" ! The said "fly" .. as you well remember from the preliminary report ... was found at the base of the back wall nearthe tall stacks of "Timmy cups"..... I firmly believe that our fly , overcome by the constant bad example
    witnessed at Gity Hall , succombed to temptation ... and while noone was looking , started gnawing at the rim of the topmost cup ... roll-up-the-rim-to-win cups .... thereby hoping to cash in on big bucks for little effort on his part. Recalling the old nursery rhyme , " and down will come baby , cradle and all " , I believe the greedy little insect brought about his own downfall and ultimate demise by toppling the stack of cups with himself trapped beneath the heap.Thus not a case of murder nor suicide but rather a dunderheaded accident ... unwittingly caused by a bungling bug bent on fattening his own wallet,

    In closing , dear friend Dickie , I wish to add a few choice words from my mentor... drawn from his greatest theological masterpiece , De Natura Deorum ( On the Nature of the Gods ) , Book I , Chapter 32 , 91-92

    " Utinam tam facile vera invenire possem quam falsa convincere" ... " Would that I could discover the truth as easily as I can expose falsehood".

    Cura ut valeas
    Kid Pokiok aka Ciceronis Auditor

  46. Howdy & salve Kid Pokiok!

    Moments after receiving your astute theory about "the late fly", I was the recipient of delicate and confidential insider information that totally confirms your brilliant assessment.

    In a nutshell, the autopsy did reveal that the late fly had ingested huge quantities of material similar to TH coffee cups, and further, his major injuries indicated trauma caused by the crushing weight of falling cardboard. Your uncanny deductions, Kid Pokiok, again have clarified another mystery!

    But what of our Fly-on-the-Wall? 'Seems he was recently seen at TH's King Street location, wearing his traditional purple tights and gold doublet. Talk around town suggests he's working undercover?

    Finally, late word on the "buzz-buzz" note indicates it's an excuse written by his Mum to request time-off for a flu shot! Is this your take? Or is this another "fly in the ointment" situation?

    Happy trails & slainte!



  47. Memo re my recent assignment:

    The "cast of characters" from the Grade 6, 1948-49 year have all been identified and stand ready for your inspection.

    The project will be delivered (by hand) to you this coming Wednesday.

    All this is great fun. 'Love sharing the memories.

    Your faithful but unworthy servant,



  48. Hi Kid Pokiok!

    'Just a brief update re our Fly-on-the-Wall:

    It has just been confirmed that our errant fly has been seen hovering near TH's Market Square location. It seems the tights & doublet were a dead give away!

    One other bit of news: his "street name" is Natty. I wonder why?

    (Not much escapes our ever-vigilant agents).

    'More to come as updates filter into Action Central North.




  49. From the Fly-on-the-Wall:

    Hi there Kid Pokiok!

    'Heard through an unnamed source that you - above ALL people - missed the signal the other night! I can't tell you the trouble we endured to fire that flare off in your direction!

    We knew you were up & around in your "tree house in the sky", allegedly foraging for that bit of cheese. (But, could you not have watched just one hour with us?)

    How that pair of wayward young men got involved in our scheme, we'll never know, but keep your ear close to the ground, or better still, your eyes fixed to the sky, there will be signs!

    Yours in perpetuity,


  50. Fellow sleuth Natty,

    This very morning I received an early-bird heads-up from the usual sources ... the unreliable ones ! So I had to don my Super Sleuth duds and thinking cap so as to offset the false leads. It is my inborn , natural wontand talent to spin tale tales ... and so it was yesterday morning at Timmy's with my meteor landing in your backyard at 1:45am. Leo suggested that my sighting was maybe a flare gone amok , the newspapers and other unreliable sources are crying "Foul!" and blaming it on two young beer-guzzlers on a spree at Long Wharf.Nevertheless , I know better and am fully armed with hard evidence and facts to prove them wrong....

    The truth of the matter is that I had to cut my story short at Timmy's for fear of leaking highly delicate info that could compromise our ongoing inquiry into the fate of the "fly-on-the-wall" victim. That night I was dumbfounded by the sight .. the brightness of the flash caught me off guard for a brief nstant ... the movement of the firey ball earthwards until the brightness diminished to a faint glow about 100 feet from the ground when I saw a tiny parachute open and watched the saucerlike object gently alight beside the street lamp near the physiotherapy clinique.I grabbed my binoculars to get a better look when lo and behold a panel door opened wide and out slid a wee ladder . so I zoomed in just in time to spot "little people" ... more like "flies" than humanoids ..... it was dark but I'm almost sure they were dressed in dark blue tights with yellow
    doublets ... ruffled necks and all ! Some slighter ones with heafty chests and ballerina tutus seemed to be in charge so maybe they brought along their "molls".My eyes rivetted to the scene below aand my teeth gnawing on
    my hunk of cambozola cheese ... I followed the wee creatures as they marched single file towards Lansdowne Ave ... and vanished into the dark night behind the houses and out of my sight.

    This mysterious sighting and testimony conjure up many questions .... some tickling our fancies while others challenge our fertile minds ... and merit our close attention. Were the space flies sent here by a "Higher Power"to take over the case from the incompetent local police force ? Did they visit the scene of the crime that night when they disappeared from sight near Tim Horton's ?
    Whatever be the case I feel priveleged to have winessed the arrival of help from "above" and hope to cooperate fully with all authorized and serious police intervention in this deeply enigmatic ... yet dastardly crime !

    PS. I believe I saw your foppish , tights-sporting insect this afternoon trying to blend in with and pawn hot merchandise to the sleezy crowd that hangs out in front of Barbour's Store at the foot of King.

    Super Sleuth


  51. Hi Kid Pokiok aka. Super Sleuth,

    Your incredible account of the recent "flare caper" is now making the rounds of all reputable TH locations throughout our vicinity. The initial feedback is good, but, of course, there are doubters who want actual video. Where is their faith?

    Kudos to you for spotting our Natty in the uptown. A master of disguise, he is not that easy to identify ... even in his tight-fitting tights and well-designed doublet! (I'm told he refuses to give out the name of his tailor).

    It's certainly true, isn't it, that local bad guys will have to get up pretty early in the morning to thwart the ever-vigilant, radar-like eyes of Kid Pokiok!

    It's now becoming very clear why you selected your Fort Howe location. No better vantage point is available from which to observe and fight the forces of evil!

    All Saint Johners can now rest easy ... as Kid Pokiok never sleeps!




  52. To Kid Pokiok et al ...

    I just love reading about the ongoing adventures of Kid Pokiok and his many experiences in pursuit of justice, law & order; not to mention the rightful glorification of his boyhood home in those beloved hills of Pokiok.

    Arsen A. Round (A Proud Maritimer)


  53. To whom it may concern:

    IF there really is a Kid Pokiok, we'd love to hear from you!

    Ripley's Believe It Or Not.


  54. Hi Gerry!

    Re: The shot of Bonner, Dougie, Ken P., R. Hansen, B. McLaughlin, and the rest.

    Mary Gillen, in your building, says she can probably ID the other young men in the pic. Knock on her door and she'll do her best.

    It would be great to get all the names!



  55. Hi Dickie,
    Thanks for the push ... you must realize by now that I start many projects , hesitating often just on the edge of completion ... and a gentle nudge does the rest , a gentle nudge from a dear brother such as yourself. We "bumped" into Mary in the vertical taxi the other day and once again I said to myself , " My son , you must drop down to see that wonderful lady one of these fine days to let her have a look at some of your old pictures" ... and bingo ! Along comes that soft nudge and I thank you for it.

    There has been a break-through in the "fly" case the details of which I can't divulge here online. However , I can say this much ... heads will fall !



  56. Thanks Kid Pokiok,

    When "the Kid" says heads will fall, those with a guilty conscience - real or imagined - had better hold onto their hats!


  57. Dear Natty,
    Thank you for your quick response ... that should have read " Heads will fall ... hats and all !"
    Like stink on a monkey , I remain yours forever vigilant ,
    Kid Pokiok

  58. Howdy again Kid Pokiok!

    Your vivid use of the simile: "like stink on a monkey", defies comparison. It's great to know Kid Pokiok is "forever vigilant", and like the famed Pokiok panther, is always on the prowl!



  59. To Whom It May Concern:

    Let's get this straight: an almost super-hero type called Kid Pokiok, a doublet & tights clad fly whose street-name is Natty, plus a pet panther who roams the hills of Pokiok?

    We have to talk!



  60. Further to: To Whom It May Concern -

    If Ripley's are interested so are we!

    Our creative directors can see incredible possibilities: a film series, Broadway musical, TV , etc. Kid Pokiok, Natty, and the Panther could become the biggest attraction since Beauty & The Beast!


  61. Dear possible investors ,
    Thank you ever so much for showing interest in Raccoon Enterprises of Pokiok. We wish to inform you , however , that two major European movie makers have also thrown their hats into the ring .. Irrenhaus Productions of Berlin and Le Produzioni Manicomio of Rome. By googling up simply "Irrenhaus" and "Manicomio" you can browse some of the great possibilities they offer to Pokiok's rich past and , thriving present and promising future.
    Kid Pokiok


  62. Memo to: Raccoon Enterprises
    Ripleys &

    From: The Fly-By-Night Talent Agency.

    Re: Natty, our client.
    We must advise ALL of the above interests, that we (Fly-By-Night Agency), must first approve and manage all talent requests on behalf of Natty.

    Natty has been with our stable of winged-stars for many years now and continues to be part of our organization. For your information, Jiminy Cricket was also an alumnus.

    To all future success,

    Eli Flypaper.

  63. Hi Kid Pokiok,

    In passing, and for our talent-profile updates, is there any chance that you also sing?

    In brief consultations with our client Natty, he indicated that you very much resemble the vocal-styles of Willie Nelson & Bunny Sparks! Is this true?

    Would you consider sending along an audition tape for our adjudication?

    Eli Flypaper
    Fly-By-Night Agency.

  64. Per your request, concerning Kid Pokiok's singing talents, enclosed you will find a link to an original song in a native language that Kid Pokiok is submitting as a national anthem of his native hills.

    Lady Bug /secreteray of Kid Pokiok/


  65. Warm greetings to Kid Pokiok & his Lady Bug,

    Our talent committee has simply been blown away by your incredible rendition of that hauntingly lovely ballad in the native language. Who else but Kid Pokiok would be capable of such a unique performance?

    The brief intro and commentary by Lady Bug, added a loving and gracious touch to the video ... this really is a treasure.

    We at Fly-By-Night will further assess your submission as a true-Canadian original and valuable piece of folklore. We're impressed!

    Eli Flypaper.


  66. Hi Gerry,

    Re: .
    IDs on the c. 1941 group shot in front of St. Peter's.

    Based on my marvelous memory, discerning eye for detail & dandy deductive skills - qualities never celebrated by my old profs or my own students - I can confirm about 90 per cent of the boys!

    I'll be presenting you with the results on Wednesday morning.

    P.S. How do you plan to handle Eli Flypaper? Is he bugging you too?




  67. Hi Gerry,

    Re the above ... 'proud to report that I have managed to ID all but one of the 27 boys in the 1941 photo!

    You may find a few surprises therein ... we'll see on Wednesday!

    Keep the assignments coming.



  68. Hi Dickie,

    Thank you so much for your great assiduity and diligence in handling the forensic identification of possible subjects of interest in our most recent "cold case" which dates back to the early 1940s. Your razor-sharp eyes
    coupled with your most fertile memory and imagination are definitely a boon to and give credibility to the science of forensic sleuthing ... you are the poster boy for doing things the way they should be done and a credit to your mentors , Dick Tracy and The Green Hornet.

    Kid Pokiok

    P.S. A few words with reference to your friend , Eli Flyswatter .... Although we find this bothersome bug chaser somewhat shady in his business dealings , Lady Bug and myself wish him no ill will ... at least not for the moment. However , we do believe he could greatly improve his image by removing the line "bug exterminator" from his business card and replace it with the following , more positive slogan.. " We rely on Eli , You Should Too!"


  69. Greetings to Kid Pokiok & Lady Bug,

    'Just one small correction, that's Flypaper NOT Flyswatter! There is quite a distinction, especially to our winged friends.

    May the flies be with you!



  70. Hi Gerry,

    Kudos to you again for the amazing body of work you are compiling.

    Your special diligence in uncovering and identifying people and places from your past is a wonderful tribute to the heritage you so love!

    It's lots of fun (for me) to be a little part of it.

    Thanks "Old Timer",



  71. Howdy Kid Pokiok!

    Have there been any sightings, evidence, reports on the comings/goings of your mascot and feathered-sidekick McGillicuddy?

    Your devoted followers await some word.



  72. Hi Dick ,
    Thanks for your praise and great interest in all things Pokiok. I must strongly protest though that it is you who have been the mainstay of this fragile research vessel thee last weeks ... your hawkeyes and elephant memory are responsible for spotting and naming all the pupils in the picture I åposted to the North Enders' site on Facebook ... and yes , I gave you FULL credit as is only just. And before we start to sound like Chip and Dale of cartoon fame ... "NO ,you go first .. I pray thee ,etc " .... so on with the show !
    Nothing much to mention about the three cases we've been investigating but you must realize by now that " forensics are a time-consuming undertaking" ... however , the hounds are still on the loose and sniffing up a storm of leads and clues.
    Sláinte is táinte !
    KId Pokiok


  73. Hi & thank you Gerry,

    To quote the immortal words of the great George M. Cohan: "I just love working with talent."

    And may the powerful Pokiok panther continue to run free!




  74. Top of the on mornin' to that "boyo" Kid Pokiok & lovely Lady Bug on Saint Patrick's Day 2013!

    May God continue to hold you in the hallow of his hand.

    Slainte & Ad Multos Annos!


  75. Dickie ,a Chara ,
    Go raibh míle maith agat , mo mhac ... many million thanks , my son for your most kind greetings on this most glorious occasion so beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig ort ... may the blessings of Saint Patrick come upon you agus tabhair dom an rud céanna mar atá an fhear ar an urlár, a thábhairne ! and bartender , I'll be having the same thing as the guy on the floor !

    Slán go fóill agus sláinte is táinte !
    So long for now and health is wealth !

    Kid McPokiok

  76. This comment has been removed by the author.

  77. Greetings and salutations!
    I've heard that tomorrow -- St. Patrick's Day -- there will be a green aura around the sun.

    My mind is merely occupied with thoughts about Eli Flypaper, though … where is he?! Has he gone to Dalhousie?!

    We'd come to rely on Eli!


  78. Greetings to Lady Bug!

    So nice to know that I am on your mind, I appreciate the kind thoughts.

    As a busy Artists & Repertoire (A&R) man, I am constantly on the move, seeing and auditioning new talent. Funny that you should mention Dalhousie - do you mean Dal in Halifax?

    Kid Pokiok's recent submission is still being analyzed by our selection committee and has received great initial reaction! Marketing is key and central to our ongoing search for talent, and we are most impressed with his facility in many languages. Latin and Irish Gaelic are huge strong points!

    'Have been on-the-fly so to speak, but will be in touch soon!

    Eli Flypaper
    Fly-by-Night Agency.


  79. Info re out of date Irish Talent/Performance files:

    Attention: Kid Pokiok.

    If you are still engaged in historical searches of eminent local Irish-Canadian performers, we are deleting our files that are no longer active. Are you interested?

    The names include: Greg Bonner, (actor, singer), Charlie O'Hara, (storyteller), John U. Haggerty, actor. MC, and George Jenkins, (tap dancer).

    We even have old files on a number of CSsR Irish priest-performers, dating from the 1930s thru until 1960.

    In the interests of academia, antiquity and Hibernian folklore, these can be yours!

    (You can rely on) Eli at Fly-by-Night.

  80. Dear friend Eli ,
    I was indeed saddened to learn of your recent voice extinction. What could be worse than a fly who can't get a buzz on ? Both Lady Bug and myself hope that this unfortunate drawback will not hinder your participation in upcoming musicals and operettas in the Saint John area. Madam Butter"fly" would be a disaster without your vocal input.
    As for the "flies" or as you call them "files" , please do not delete them until further notice. Rumour has it that Greg Bonnerabilia and Bunny Sparks' old guitar picks are worth big bucks ! You and I split all ... nothing for the "billies" !

    And as my dear old Dad once whispered into my ear on Saint Patrick's Day , " Everybody can't be Irish on Saint Patrick's Day .... somebody's got to drive !"

    Kid Pokiok


  81. Howdy Kid Pokiok & greetings to Lady Bug,

    Hopefully, the "boy baritone voice" will not be out of commission for too long. Not to be outdone, I have other talents up my sleeve that just could be trotted out!
    Did you know that my vocal impressions of Elmer Fudd have brought raves for many years in Ontario? My rendition of Elmer's, The Holy City, was a show-stopper!

    In passing, I remember another of your Dad's sayings: Irishmen just don't know how to behave in public, at the time he was speaking about the clergy, members of the legal profession and the local constabulary.

    This was a man who feared no one and laid out the truth in plain language!

    If you have ever been to a Saint Patrick's Society dinner, you'll know his reference!

    As you have always said, the show must go on!



  82. Dear Flyman ,
    Both myself and Her Bugship are overjoyed at the news of your imminent recovery and removal from the endangered species list. I , for one , am looking forward already to our next meeting at Tim's to hear more about your Conestoga Gig ... doing the Looney Tunes March and the old Elmer Fudd routine ... all that "wascal wabbit" and "wittle wed widing hood" stuff that only you can do to perfection. Personally I'm more of a Daffy Duck and Sylvester kind of guy ...

    Much like the men in your own family tree ... all stalwart fellows and patriots forsooth .... the McNulty forest and orchards have borne fruit in the persons of
    scéalaíthe , seanchaíthe , amhránaíthe . etc ... storytellers , folktellers and singers ... remember Dennis Day whose real name was "McNulty " ? ... and how about that upstart joketeller from Québec ..nowadays calling himself "Kid Pokiok " .... never forget though that whatsoever roles they might play outwardly to public eyes , deep down inside they remain proudly Irish !

    Referring to the destitute Irish of Saint John my dear , sweet old Dad would always say that this or that family " was so poor they didn't have a pot to pee in ... nor a window to throw it out of!" .... somewhat like the " snake who was likewise so damn poor it didn't have a pit to hiss in !"

    Get well soon , old friend
    Kid Pokiok and Her Bugship


  83. Greetings to Kid Pokiok & Lady Bug!

    'Am feeling a lot better ... lots of vocal rest and the "wonder drugs" - not to mention the sweat lodge I constructed out by the garage - have worked their magic!

    'Should be ready for your rollcall Wed. a.m., but DO appreciate your concerns.

    A word about Greg M. Bonner, star of stage, radio-TV and the New Freeman: Were you ever made aware that prior to his untimely death in 1987, Greg was the subject of a "wildly-popular" series of so-called Career Updates?

    The GMB Career Update came out once a year (usually July) and focused on Greg as a multi-faceted personality and constant performer. These dozens of news and pictorial pieces were compiled, researched, written & shot by an associate of Eli Flypaper!

    A few remaining copies of the Update remain in the hands of Greg's nephew, Kevin Bonner of UNBSJ fame! I'm sure Kevin would love to share the humor and hilarity with you if invited?

    Slainte & Happy Passover,



  84. Easter Greetings to Kid Pokiok & Lady Bug!

    May the wily Pokiok Easter Bunny (the only true one) pay you a visit on Sunday.

    Alleluia & Slainte!


  85. Hi Dickie aka Eli.
    Yes, my friend , the snares are all strung out behind the Twin POnds up in Pokiok to get first cracks at the Easter Rabbit as he usually takes the back trails from Milledgeville to Pokiok ,,, loaded for bear with chocolate goodies ... and both Her Bugness and myself wish you and Fran a most joyous Easter .....
    Resurrexit sicut dixit ... and I hope we all do the same as HE one day aster eternity ceases to exist ..... deep , eh ? Happy Easter , oldtimer , and keep us in the loop.
    Kid Pokiok and Lady Bug
    PS. I hope you'll be there to protect me , should that big bully Carlin try to lay a lickin' on me ! Ok ?


  86. Howdy & thanks Kid Pokiok!

    As my sainted Irish grandmother (Fanny Sweeney) used to say: It'll be a frosty morning in Hell when the Magazine Street Mauler, Billy Carlin, could ever come close to the fighting prowess and pugilistic superiority of Kid Pokiok!

    'Come to think of it, and I've known you for 75 years, there's NO ONE - boy or man - would really consider "taking you on!"

    Ready to spring to your defence at a moment's notice.




  87. Hi Kid Pokiok!

    In a recent conversation with local promoter and history buff Eli Flypaper, several concerns were raised about a number of Saint John property potentials.
    Eli strongly feels that "civic decision-makers" at all levels, have simply become stymied and don't have the seasoned acumen this city needs!

    Eli hopes that perhaps Kid Pokiok - if asked - would have a few workable concepts to bring to the table.

    Cases in point:

    . The "jelly bean" houses on Wellington Row
    . The Old Paramount Theatre building on King's Square
    . The Fort LaTour location
    . Partridge Island

    Eli, frankly questions the "real worth" of the above, to a city already steeped in debt, cost-overruns, and obvious incompetence at the top!

    But, what is YOUR take?

    Eli awaits YOUR solutions.



    1. Lady Bug has an opinion along the lines of the above. Bring Hudson's Bay Company to SJ. A nice location would be corner of King and Princess, where the, now closed, budget store was. There's NO HBC store in New Brunswick now.

      Then we can always ask ourselves the question; 'What should we worry about the most -- the past or the present?!'



  88. A big hello to Kid Pokiok, Eli and dickie!

    'Love following your "stuff", but the truth is that without your so-called cases in point, what else would the T-J's editorial staff and columnists have to write about?

    In fact, they're boring non-issues!

    A Sage Observer.

  89. Greetings to Dickie , Her Bugliness and and also newcomer ... Sagely Observant..

    This site is getting crowded ! However , the more the merrier as an old adage reminds us. Methinks Lady Bug ... if I read her correctly ... seems willing to torpedo the past and salvage or enhance the present by bringing the HBC giant to uptown Saint John , thus breathing new commercial life into a seemingly dying "marketplace" in that sector of the city..... and furthermore , Lady Bug even suggests an ideal spot for the HBC to set up operations .. at the corner of King and Princess Streets .... well , the king might be the princess'es father , but their paths never cross ! Old Pokiok saying ! I would like to invite the lovely ex pat from Härnösand to take a close look at a street map and point to the intersection of King and Princess Streets. Please do not be discouraged , dear Lady , by these somewhat tongue-in-cheek remarks ... and feel free to visit our site and enlighten us once again on your take on and solutions to problems that our local community faces today , tomorrow , next week , etc
    In closing I might remind Lady Bug that by patching up and favouring the present with an artifact of Canada's past ( Hudson's Bay Store , the first trading post ) , she is playing both extremities of the pendulum. ... and there's nothing fundamentally wrong with that either , as long as it works !!

    Hugs to you , Milady
    The Kid

  90. Dear Sage One,

    Thank you for your kind words of encouragement and positive remarks .... when I first saw that Anony Mouse was back I thought it might have been the fellow from the other day who left a rather strange comment , then deleted it before I could answer him. He said the seemingly from outside it looked as though "two braindead funny individuals were taking over the comment section of my blog". Well , I immediately began my answer in which I reminded him that there were perks to being braindead ... for starters you're unaware of your condition ... and secondly oblivious to the stupidity of those who criticize you. And as for funny ... well , there's the funny bone which I don't find funny at all ... then there's Bob Hope funny which I find rather wittingly hilarious ... and then there's the funny farm ..... from where you are surely writing , etc , etc , etc Whan I came to post my reply , the fellow had removed his remark so I buried mine ... until now.
    Please come back again ,
    Kid Pokiok

  91. And now for my dear friend and ally , Dickie

    Thank you for being ready at the drop of a hat to bear arms on my behalf. Things have calmed along the front and the barbed wire has been rolled up and carted off.
    You mention 4 dossiers we both have been following these last months ... ah! the jelly bean houses... I say we tear them down except for the façades which we repaint in REAL jelly bean colours .. the brilliant red , green and yellow ,that is once the façades have been given an 18th century facelife by competent woodworkers. Behind the façades I can see a huge café terrace with daycare in the morning for rich , uptown children living in nearby condos , etc with removeable swings , slides , and pool . In the afternoon , the café terrace holds open bar for artists , writers , poets , journalists , spies ... and evening with orchestra , dancing , etc

    As for the Paramount Theatre I say we tear it down and turn the lot into a crematorium and graveyard for unfulfilled promises , stillborn projects of town councils .... and members of past councils as well !

    As for Fort LaTour ---- well , my good friend , I would make this historic site the pearl of our North End / Portland heritage ... in fact , I would even go so far as to say that our ONLY solution and SALVATION as a city , lies in separation from Saint John ,,, but that will be coal for another warm discussion ... long live the old PORTLAND !

    Poor Partridge Island is in the hands of our Harbour Board and will most likely follow in the steps of the Fundy Trail .. we'll hope for access to both the island and Alma respectively , and hopefully in this life.

    And that's that for now , my dear friends ...

    I love you all , Kid Pokiok


  92. Salutations to Kid Pokiok & Lady Bug!

    'Heard from Eli very early this morning, who expressed delight at your rapid responses to his questions.

    He wishes me to inform you that your observations are most thought provoking and exceptionally well-founded!

    Eli, however, cautions certain city hall types who would squander untold millions to re-imagine and redesign "the chick" before it's hatched" ... a pastime in which this city excels.

    And, oh yes, Eli wonders how long it will be before city fathers plan an inaugural launch of the Marco Polo? Perhaps they'd better check to see if it floats first! Not possible, you say?



  93. Dear Fearless Fos-dickie ,
    Ah!yes ,,, the famous Marco Polo caper ! Last Summer the city promised to put the long-awaited masterpiece afloat in the neighbourhood of Market Slip... the weekend of June 9th-10th I believe. Rumours from excellent sneaky sources , not one of whom is on the city payroll nor on the take .... have left me utterly dumbfounded by their content ...
    Lacking space to lay out the forensic evidence related to the Oland case ... the old police station offering cramped quarters for such a considerable heap of incriminating evidence and Peel Plaza still in the womb appears that the local constabulary had assembled and stored the bulk of its "findings" and proofs , etc in the same shed as the Marco Polo over on the West Side.
    Now here's the crux of the rumour ... the day the Marco Polo was to be transported by a giant flatcar or float across the bridge and then to Long Wharf where it would lowered into the water by an overhead crane .. with all due ceremony and champagne , etc . However , City Hall decided against it and gave orders to float the damn thing beside number 2 Shed and sail "her" across to its future moorings at "Funday Quay"... and , as always , ever frugal-minded when spending money that belongs to the citizens of Saint John , the mayor and police chief likewise commanded that "all" the evidence in the high profile Oland case be loaded on the Marco POlo and shipped across ( new space was made available to the city in nearby Coast Guard hangars)... therby killing two birds with the same stone .. and also cutting down on expenses.

    The outcome of the story goes something like this ... so they told me ... at six o'clock in the morning the Marco Polo was hoisted up and then lowered very gently into the water beside Pier Two . A few disgruntled city employees ( pension troubles not yet settled ) , acting as longshoremen , heaped up boxes of documents , axes , hammers , scythes , etc as well as yacht rudders , sails , shotguns , etc ... the usual "stuff" of serious police investigations , etc anyways the guys piled it high that morning ... and off they sailed.

    To accelerate matters they had not hoisted the sails ... and had mounted two 60 horse outboard motors just below the gunnels... one starboard , one port... well about 50 meters offshore one motor conked out while the other broke loose from its ties and sank to the murky bottom. Then the giant bung in the hull below the water line popped out for some unknown reason .. and the Marco Polo began taking in water so fast that the three men on board had to be rescued by an eelboat that just happed to be nearby that morning.

    With the tide running out at high speed ... my informants said that they lost sight of Marco Polo's crowsnest somewhere beyond the buoy and Partridge Island...

    And that all I'm ready to unveil for the moment !
    Kid Pokiok


  94. Ahoy, Kid Pokiok!

    Pardon our unworthy observation, but our gaggle of ex-cut-throats, former theology students and semi-professional sparring partners at Pete's Pub, find your treatise on the Marco Polo, the perfect storyline for another "Carry On Gang" film sensation!

    Of course, a few name changes would have to be put in place to protect the guilty, but we think this thing's got it!

    Do we have your permission to take it further?

    We (at Pete's) are meeting again in the morning, hopefully, to brainstorm about your latest, and possibly best, waterfront epic! We're very excited about the prospects.

    It probably would be in the best interests of the proposed project, if present company alone were kept informed. We don't want the T-J to break the news just yet!

    The Sons of Erin Chapter,
    Pete's Pub, Uptown Saint John.


  95. Hi Kid Pokiok!

    'Just a brief update re the "Marco Polo proposal" ... the Chapter has had to change course temporarily, to deal with a couple of fast-breaking crises:

    . The cruel detainment of Justin Bieber's pet monkey in Germany.

    . What colors should the city now paint the Jelly Bean houses?

    We appreciate your forbearance in this delay, but assure you ALL will be back on track ASAP!

    The Sons of Erin Chapter,
    Pete's Pub, Uptown Saint John.

  96. Eoin Mac An UltaighApril 9, 2013 at 8:57 PM

    Dear "friend" ,
    I am rather perturbed by your latest missive and cannot help but ask myself why you , a strong-minded and loyal "mac na hÉireann" ,, son of Ireland ..., could waste your leisure moments in the company of such a band of pussies , yeah yes-men ... your Sons of Erin Chapter are all weak-kneed boytoy friends of the Daughters of the Empire and avowed enemies of Old Éire .... and should they discover what we are up to , I can only surmise what damage this would do to our cause. Fire and brimstone rain down upon them all !
    As you can see , my dear friend , .... I am beset by the frightful onslaught of seeing treachery everywhere ... snitshes on every other barstool .. behind every telephone pole ... under bridges ... in closets ... under dimly-lit street lights .... a full-blown case of " a cute paranoia " ... not the ugly type but rather the "cute" type ...
    So in closing , dear "friend" , I beseech you to simply walk away from these softies , stop staying out in shady places boozing until the wee hours , and start paying dues ... not only lip service ... to true patriot organizations , such as Fheadh Cheoil na hÉireann and Óglaigh na hÉireann ... the musicians and soldiers of Ireland !!!
    Slán go fóil , mo chara
    Eoin Mac An Ultaigh aka Kid Pokiok

  97. Eoin Mac An UltaighApril 9, 2013 at 11:56 PM

    An epilogue to my previous statement.

    And this so-called wheeler-dealer .. big time mover .. you refer to constantly , Eli Flypaper ... Lady Bug and myself stand somewhat bewildered by this character. Does he truly exist or is he but another product of your fertile imagination ?
    Leerier than ever , I remain ..
    Eoin Mac An Ultaigh agus Lady Ni Bug


  98. Fabled scion of Clan McNulty & Lady Bug,

    'Must advise you that dickie is NOT a card-carrying member of the Sons of Erin - he is not Irish on both sides. His grandfather, not only was a Presbyterian but a Scot to boot!

    Although we had previously thought him as "one of us", diligent background checks have uncovered the above. Therefore, our Chapter is communicating with you personally.

    Further, we are saddened that you have confused as with a pseudo-Hibernian group
    which you diligently describe. Does the Red Hand of Ulster ring a bell?

    We hope you will give us an opportunity to get to know Kid Pokiok. Our sources tell us that you are the pre-eminent Irishman, revered internationally as a scholar, raconteur and sweetheart-of-a-guy!

    Of course, this is the kind of man we want in the Sons. And, we really don't care if you have made your Easter Duty or not.

    May the shamrocks bloom forever in Pokiok!

    The Sons of Erin Chapter,
    Pete's Pub, Uptown Saint John, NB.


  99. To Whom It May Concern:

    I Live!

    Eli Flypaper.

    1. Ahhh … that's what I wanted to hear, as we'd come to rely on Eli.

      Lady Bug of Bugtown

  100. This thread is attracting too many spam comments, so it has been moved to a page instead. Please be advised to look in the top bar of this blog for «Bzzz» [beside 'Home' and 'About'].


  101. Hi Lady Bug aka Ms. Bzzz,

    'Want to assure ALL that the multi-talented Eli Flypaper not only exists, but continues to perform "God's work" at every opportunity.

    Although very busy, he sometimes can be reclusive, in that he devotes a lot of personal time to reading, study and meditation.

    As Eli's brother and closest living relative, I feel the above information must be communicated.

    Felix Flypaper, SJ.

    1. Felix,
      First off; pleased to meet you, and thank you for taking time out to write. We appreciate Eli's off-time devoted to studies and meditation. We could all use a little of that.

      We hope that ALL of youse will enjoy the cosiness of the new page set up for this purpose.

      Have the best of days!

      Lady Bug /Bugtown, stjhn/

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