About Pokiok

This is a blogsite about Pokiok and Pokiokers , the people who have made it a vibrant and healthy place to live and raise a family from the mid 1800s until the present day , its history and even a few chuckles and anecdotes about some of the characters of my youth as well as some of the more sombre moments. I likewise wish to recall the geographical boundaries of Pokiok ... often a question of dispute by outsiders .... but never to us who were born and raised within its limits...... even a jaunt down memory lane reminiscing about Spar Cove Creek and its alias , Big Hill versus Glad Hill ,  Welch's Cove , Robertson's Point versus Miller's Point , the Narrows , the Clubhouse Road versus the Narrows Road ,  the Canyon , the Burnt Hills , Robertson's Lake , the Burner Hill , the Twin Ponds , Higgins' Beach , Snow's Beach and the Farms ! Some of us went so far as to include Boar's Head in Pokiok since we often climbed 'er and ate our lunch atop the pig's head when we were kids ....... all part of a day's hike upriver , through the woods .... along the riverbanks .... eat our sandwiches and wash them down with some lime rickey , root beer or Sussex ginger ale ..... and back home for supper taking the shortcut through the blueberry hills to Tommy McDonald's on Pokiok Road .... just up the road a bit from our house.

I hope to add many pictures of people and places within Pokiok to revive old memories and shall soon start canvassing folks I know with a view to finding more pics to embellish this domain. I dedicate this site to my hard-working , loving parents , Edmund and Josie (King) McNulty who lived , built , toiled , gardened , loved , laughed and died in Pokiok ( 1933 to 1993 ). The house my Dad started building during the depression with his blood , sweat and tears and a meagre , on again - off again longshoreman's pay still stands today at the corner of old Pokiok Road (now Highland Road) and the Narrows Road. The young couple to whom  I sold the house , Jackie and Colin , have done wonders with the old place by greatly improving the overall look and quality of the whole layout.... house , yard and garage. Were I to unearth my Dad and Mom ... and bring them up to Pokiok for a drive I'm sure they would be overjoyed to see what Jackie and Colin have done...... so hats off to them !!

The Golden Rule: the main purpose I have in mind as I create  this site is to set up a meeting place where both Pokiokers and their friends  might make new aquaintances and rekindle old friendships   .... share memories , reminisce about their past and catch up on the present ... and perhaps even learn a thing or two about the history and geography of this massive hunk of rock covered with cedar trees we call Pokiok. Therefore , within these hallowed halls there is no place for gossip nor harsh words...... only respect and kindness towards our neighbours and visitors shall prevail.


  1. This is a beautiful idea, to put your memories and photos out here on the web. I will follow this project with great interest.
    Good luck, and many hugs.

  2. Thank you so much , sweetie.... I had the idea but you put the whole shebang in motion by setting up this web-page for me. I owe you "big time"! !

  3. You're very welcome, Snookums :o)
    I love doing stuff like this...and I have a good feeling about this site.

  4. I think it's great! (But I'm not going to call either of you Snookums or Sweetie, if that's okay.) *grin*

  5. Thank you so much for dropping by , Karen.... the snookums/sweetie bit was just a manifestation of our mutual overflowing enthusiasm in getting this site off the ground....Gerry will be just fine , Karen , and please come by again.... and once again a big thanks for commenting and your encouragement.

  6. Charlotte Flynn(Doyle)April 28, 2010 at 3:52 PM

    Hi Gerry,
    Just had the opportunity to check out your blog- very entertaining & informative! I have been glued to the screen looking at pictures I have never seen- such as your Mom & Dad's house still under constuction,and my Grand-parents (Stan & Agnes Johnston),Mom(Katherine/Kay/Katie),Aunt Charlotte & Agnes Sylvia(died at age of 3). Sylvia Marlene was born 1947 and lives with her husband Richard in Wolfville,N.S.
    I have found pictures to add and will be happy to forward them as soon as I can find someone who is more computer savy than I(chuckle).
    Keep up the good work Gerry!

    Best Wishes,

  7. No wonder Mom called you "Honeybub"! Thank you so much for dropping by and for the sweet comments ...... and likewise,in advance,for the pictures you are going to send me.You are the first true Pokioker to contribute to this wee project of mine and I am so grateful to you. I plan at least three more Johnston-Doyle posts ..... memories and photos from my childhood and early youth in which your grandparents , your Mom and Dad , Charlotte and Paul figure , etc... anyways I'll play it by ear as I go along. Once again , dear Charlotte , a huge " Merci " and looking forward to reading you soon.

  8. Irene (McGuire) MailletJune 5, 2010 at 1:47 PM

    Thank you! From a product of the corner of Spar Cove and Pokiok Roads. This is a real trip down memory lane. Spent many good times at the top of Highland Rd. with my best friend - Sylvia!!! A long, but worthwhile walk from the foot of "the hill".

  9. What a delight for me to have someone visit our site whose very maiden name is synonymous with Pokiok itself !Thank you so much , Irene , for coming by and commenting. Sylvia was very young when I left the hill long ago but I certainly shall include a snapshot of her in my next Johnston post .... as I do remember her well as a wee lass.Please drop by often , Irene , and feel free to make any suggestions you wish as to the content or format of these pages ... anything that might better this site. Once again ... a big THANK YOU !

  10. very intersting to read about your oun roots thanls a million, Kevin McNulty

  11. Thank you , my son.... and Owen McAnulty and Mary McShane begat Seamus (James) and Seamus and Ann Bryson begat John Joseph and John Joseph and Matilda Georgiana Valpy begat Edmund John .... and Edmund John and Mary Josephine King begat Gerard Edmund .... and Gerard Edmund and Pauline Lesage begat Denis Edmund and you , Kevin Laurent......be proud of your family heritage.

  12. I am so glad that Rebekah posted a link to this blog. Pokiok is my favourite neighbourhood in Saint John, because it seems to me the oldest, to have the most history and mystery. I occasionally head up to the end of Narrows Road for that splendid view over the river, the cliff and curve invisible to so many Saint Johners. I know your blog is written for someone who remembers the old days (all I remember is skating in Shamrock Park), so I don't always understand your references...I am looking forward to learning more.

  13. Thank you so much for dropping by , Gillian , and leaving such a warm and encouraging comment. I was born at the corner of the Narrows Road or Club House Road as we called it back in my youth and the view from up there is forever stamped in my mind. I shall soon be doing a post about the house at the top along with a word about the old club which stood there beside it for the "lower world" to see ... and which burnt to the ground in the late 1970s. You are so right about the mysteries and intrigues ... a few of which I shall eventually try to render even more mysterious and intriguing !Yes , Shamrock Park would be all part of the whole "Krick" area for us oldtimers. Please feel welcome here , Gillian , .... come by often and comment openly on any matter you wish. It can only help make this site better.The blog archive might be of som use locating earlier posts.

  14. Hi! Gerry:
    I was trying to find your post with reference to our December visit with the four of us at Robbins Cafe. Not sure where/how to find it. Any pictures?

    By the way, we're looking forward to a picnic in the Victoria Street Park in front of the old Alexandra School. Lots of great memories at that old school house. Hurry! Hurry! spring!!

  15. Hi Barb,
    Unfortunately I have not yet produced neither text nor photos concerning that memorable morning. However , it is in the offing .... in the oven ... and not on the back burner. I have been waiting for a picture from Susan McCormick ... but I think I'll post something very soon anyways while keeping Susan's material for another moment...... so maybe you might come by again next week , Barb.
    And yes , Spring seems to be in the air and some fine day , after the freshet is by and the warm weather is upon us , we can gather together in the park as you mention .....put up a few tables and chairs, put on the feed bag and chatter up a storm ... great setting there in Victoria Park beside your old alma mater.
    Take care now ....

  16. Hi Gerry.
    My name is Daniel McGuire, second grandson to John and Hazel McGuire. Heard of your site from my sister Irene. Can't thank you enough for all the pictures and words. Never got to meet my grandfather John. The pictures you have of him made me smile a mile wide. Thanks so very much.

    Daniel McGuire
    Winnipeg Manitoba

    1. Hey Danny .Paulette Paulin here!
      i'm lovin this blog! had no idea of your family's history and connection with the Pokiok area. Kewl! I hope all is well with you!Just saw your mom last week and she looks awesome!Drop me an email!

  17. Dear Daniel ,

    Many thanks for your most encouraging comment on the Pokiok site. Glad that you got to see a bit of what we all loved so much back in the Dogpatch days in Pokiok. Your grand-dad was indeed a legendary personality of my early youth ... although I knew him very little ... in fact , I only knew who he was and watched him interact with others around the "Crick" area.... many of whom lived a bit further up the hill on my turf so to speak. Idid , however , know your grandmother , Hazel , rather well as "Old Bill" was my neighbour across the road as well as Cecil Estey and a bit down the road from us , Oscar and his family.

    I'll try to work in a few more pics and "Crick" epic tales in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned ... '

    Please come back soon .

    A Pokioker who is a bit younger than your uncle Art .

  18. Hello Gerry:

    I just came across your wonderful Pokiok blog.. It brings back so many memories... First let me introduce myself .. My name is Angela Warren (nee Green) oldest daughter of Ruth and Bob Green (Whitenect) Grandparents are John and Marguerite Whitenect.. Although there are a few generations between us.. I lived on Highland Road until I was about 13..
    All I can say is Wow !!! The ponds ( I learned to swim there, learned to skate and play hockey with the guys) playing ball in the feild, the blueberry fields, Snows Beach and the Sweetzer property...That was a neighbourhood where a kid could be a kid, explore the outdoors without fear and often without adults...Your stories sure put a smile on my face ...I have lived in Ontario for over 22 years but go back to New Brunswick often and of course out to Highland Road to visit my Grandmother Marguerite.. I was wondering if you ever thought of visiting her ( yes, she still lives in the house Grampy build for her) to get more history for your blog.. She sure could provide you with a few hours of entertainment and loves to have visitors... She has a ton of pictures (although I am not sure if she would loan any out!!!)
    I will check back to your wonderful site often to have another walk down memory lane !!

    Angela Warren (Green)
    Trenton, Ontario

  19. Dear Angela ,
    Thank you so much for your most kind words of encouragement. When I left Pokiok in 1950 your Mom , Ruth , was a wee tot so I never got to know her at all. However , I do remember very well Marguerite and your hard-working "grampy , Jack. He was a limekiln man. I am THAT old that can still , even today , see your great grandmother , Kate ... and her friend , Jack .... trudging out the road ... by our house .... each burdened down with two heavy shopping bags ... we all walked back then ... few cars on the road. I brought her paper and she would always pay me on Saturdays with 25 pennies. The newspaper cost 4 cents back then plus 1 cent for a tip !. Great memories , Angela.
    I hope to call Marguerite soon along with Edna London and Murriel Andrews. Maybe she can find time to have a visitor from the old days some afternoon ... maybe even permit me to scan and post some of her precious photo treasures.
    Thank you once again , Angela ... for taking time out to comment and please come back often

  20. Hi Gerry,

    I am one of Marguerite Whitenect's home-care workers and I just wanted to add that she and I spent about 3 hours reading from your blog on Friday night past. She was ticked pink with your writings. She was reliving a great many details that I'm sure you would be thrilled to add to your journal entries. She was very touched that Angela mentioned her name on here as well and said she would be happy to have a visit with you. I am going to copy and paste some of the writings into a document for her to read.


  21. Hi Alli ,
    What a marvellous surprise and delight for me that you are helping me share my memories with such a sweet lady as Marguerite Whitenect. She witnessed those events as a young married woman from the South End ... adapting to life in the wilds of Pokiok back then ... whereas I saw them through the eyes of a child awakening to the world around him ... so she can most surely add much rich detail to my reminiscences and I am truly looking forward to visiting her in the very near future .... should she be willing , of course. I remember Marguerite well as a gentle , sweet lady who always had time to stop for a minute or two when passing by our house to say a kind word ... and ask me how things were going in Quebec where I had been living back then ... or even as a boy growing up and playing out the road near her home ... Marguerite stood out as being close to us kids ... please give Marguerite , my warmest best wishes , dear Alli .... until I can present them myself in a more personal way.


  22. Hi Gerry!
    What a happy accident to stumble upon your fascinating and delightful blog!

    My name is Paulette Paulin. I grew up in Portland Place and am friends with the Mcguire family (Louie MCGuire)I had no idea of that history.
    Incidentally , I had been home for the summer and spent several days meandering around Highland/{Pokiok Rd }as I have a niece who lived up there.I absolutely love the still rather wild beauty of the plac,and have many memories of hiking through there with my brother Gus to Cedar Point /Smugglers Cove the /old kilns etc.(once in the middle of the night by the light of a full moon!)and YES the developers are ruining it! And the druggies at the othere end ......Please
    keep the mamories and the pics coming!

  23. Gerry,
    I just wandered through the web site on Pokiok and it brought back many memories of my childhood. I left NB in 1956 returning to St. Andrews NB in 2003. I ran into one of the McCormack girls in Costco and she told me about this site. I will review more of this site when I have time and hopefully remember some interesting things to input. I was quite surprised to see a picture of "Doc Day" at the Deacon Seats. I lived at 22 Pokiok road near the Gould's. Gene, Bucky, Ralph McCormack and I were buddies.

    Dave Bennett (Doug Bennett) Twins

    PS if I remember correctly I believe we took over your paper route when you gave it up.

  24. Hi Dave ....
    What great news to see you have returned to New Brunswick ... Saint Andrews is aan outstanding choice. Although only faintly I do remember you and your family down beside Oakie and Annie .. how my Dad loved to talk flowers with Oakie ! Annie was a darling as well as her brother down the road , Roy Meade and wife , Ruth. Glad you like walking down memory lane in the Pokiok site and I imagine that you come in to Saint John on occasions ... so maybe we could get together for coffee at Tim Horton's on the day of your choice. You can e-mail me at .. gerry@pokiok.net
    Looking forward to chatting with you soon

  25. Hi, I am a Northender through and through. Lots of kids I went to school with lived on Pokiok, Bellvue, and Highland Road. I started grade one at Alexandra school in 1959 when old Mr. Prebble was still principal. I loved the North End all my life and now live on Spar Cove Road next to the Coughlans. Don Couglan and his wife Denise Sullivan. I know lots of folks and love them all. Thanks for the stories and continue the blog..everyone is loving it.! Carol Vautour

    1. Hello. Born 1935 in SJ and grew up on Clarendon St.,so I know the whoer,le North End well. Maybe somebody remembers me? Went to Lorne School 1941-1944, taught in grade 1 by Miss Olive & piano by Miss Naves; then moved to Rothesay. My Dad (Clarence Hamm) owned Grocery store on Rockland Rd. (Anyone have a pic of it?) Anyone know where Doreen McCarthy went? Have an early pic of my class about grade 2>Morrisey, Black, Baxter, Keith,Carson,Wilson, Williams,Johnson,Kincaide,Foster, Geldart,etc...... Oh, the Good Old Days. I loved my years there. My brother (Buddy Hamm) skated at the old Forum in later years and eventually became Canadian Speedskating Champion. I loved hockey games at the Forum with SJ BEAVERS> Johnny Ubriaco, Tom & Carl Schmell,.... what a lineup for a teenage girl! But what a change in my hometown now and it makes me feel so old and even sad.
      Sylvia Hamm, Sussex Corner,NB. hammtree@nb.sympatico.ca

  26. Dear Carol ,
    Thank you so much for the kind words and encouragement. It's good to hear that folks are actually reading and enjoying my "ramblings on" about the PokiokI grew up in.... I believe that the Mr Coughlan you mention did some work on my old photos that I had reproduced at Appleby's. That whole area around Spar Cove Road has undergone some great transformations since my day.Please come back often ..

  27. Hi Gerry
    Thanks so much for telling me about your site> It brings back so many memories. It was nice to see a post from Honeybub. We spent many years playing together. Nice to hear form Irene again. We picked blueberries on Blueberry hill. My grandparents The Hersey's lived in the house where the Bishops lived when I was a child. next to the Whitenecks. I remember Annie Whiteneck. I too was born in Pokiok and lived there for 15 years. I couldn't put my name in the name box.
    Edith Dobson Chilton.