The old post, entitled «travelling», was attracting way too much spam and it was also getting to be cumbersome with the 100+ comments. This is a static page, set up by Lady Bug of Bugtown. It will serve as a message board of sorts, since one of our winged friends is not in possession of an email account (!).


  1. I rely on you guys to keep up the same, high, standards of content in this thread ;)


  2. Jag älskar dig... terrific addition !


  3. Greetings to Ms. Bzzz,

    'Just in passing, are you aware of the product Bzzz Armenian Honey?

    No "hornet's nest" here we hope!

    The Brothers Flypaper.

    1. No, I'm only into bumble honey and I suffer from severe hornet phobia!


  4. Calling all stations!

    What is the latest word on the ever-popular Kid Pokiok?

    Can his loyal, but unlettered followers expect to see him this week?

    We watch for the signs!

    The Confraternity.


  5. 'Just a brief query from another believer:

    Are Natty, the Brothers Flypaper and the awesome Pokiok Panther all members of the ever-growing Confraternity?

    Long may Kid Pokiok rule!

  6. To whomsoever ,
    I leave the helm , drop anchor in a quiet lagoon and drive up to politically agitated Québec for a few days and what do I find upon my return ? CHANGE ! UPHEAVEL !I must say though that Lady Bug has done quite an overhaul on the tired old skiff while she was in drydock ... not only has she embellished the whole setup , but she has added the develish domension of "practicality" !Aye there's the rub ! Running a smooth ship , keeping things simple ... yet , practical ! A-gun salute to the able Lady !

    As for the other shady characters who are freely taking refuge withing our hallowed .... and supposedly soundproof .... walls. Hail to you all , brothers and let there be peace and harmony throughout this acre of land we call home. At tomorrow's meeting of the Confraternity the minutes will be ready as usual ..... however , we shall make a 30-second pause to honour a fallen comrade... Dave McKee .... passed this last weekend in Kent , Ohio. I 'll give further details during the meeeting .... so with flags at half mast , I bid you all good health et à demain !

    Kid Pokiok
    Ps. And where the hell did this Panter come from ?
    A bewildered Kid

    1. Thanks for the salute, Kid P. however, I must have been awfully absentminded, here in the diaspora, looking fondly over towards Bugtown, hence not subscribing to my own thread … missing these posts from the Confraternity several days 😨


  7. Welcome home Kid Pokiok!

    Re your reference to the "Pokiok panther" ... this was first raised in a note to you on April 20, 2013.

    Of course, the panther's power, cunning, stealth and intelligence is only outdone by the finely-honed talents and skills of Kid Pokiok, who comes second to none!

    Further, like the leprechauns of old Ireland, the Pokiok panther appears when least expected, and using his special powers, makes things right again ... at least that's how the story goes.




  8. Note: Make that date re the "panther reference" February 20, 2013.



  9. Special greetings to Kid Pokiok & Lady Bug,

    Now that info on your Pokiok Panther is complete, your followers - in NB & Quebec - are awaiting word of your mascot and feathered-confidant McGillicuddy.

    We hope that all is well with "ole Mac" and you will report back to us soon with an update!

    'Glad your mission to Quebec was successful. It's great to know that Kid Pokiok still likes to ramble here and abroad to encourage all by word, deed and example!




  10. To all ornithologists:

    All reports of sightings re Pokiok mascot, McGillicuddy, would be deeply appreciated.

    Elmer Fudd.


  11. To: Mr. E. Fudd.

    'Hate to spread ugly rumors but word along the docks says that McGillicuddy now sleeps with the fishes.

    Is Kid Pokiok trying to keep this under wraps to lessen the shock and spare hurt feelings?

    Robbie Redbreast
    Dedicated Bird Fancier.

  12. Dear Birder .....

    Thank you for your great solicitude as to the well-being of the beloved Pokiok mascot , McGillicuddy. However , permit me to hasten to put your mind at ease and remove all doubt as to our hero's "sleeping associates".... and as you might well remember from your youth that it was rumoured back in the early 1950s that the Fundy Trail would be completed between Saint Martin's and Alma by 1958 ? .... so much for "rumours" and their worth ...and here is where I should simply close adding , " I now rest my case !" .... but I won't ! Not as long as the emblem of Pokiok pride and identity is the butt of the vile , slanderous tongues of which you speak above.

    I have been rather secretive of late about McGillicuddy's comings and goings because .... as custodian of Pokiok wildlife safety and well-being and finding myself facing a most serious problem within our confines ...the Great Horny Mallard who has been responsible for wreaking biological havoc in the duck pond at Lily Lake ... IS BACK !!! ... and again this year "sowing his evil seed" .... thereby altering genders and species ... freely and frequently carousing with wigeons , northern pintails , green-winged teals , grebes , hooded-mergansers , etc ... even tried to hump a cormorant and a belted kingfisher !! Totally depraved individual !

    Were this green-headed , oversexed Don Juan to operate within the limits of Rockwood Park among his own kind .... some form of damage control and surveillance might be possible ..... However , this dastardly Casanova of late has been "peeing in McGillicuddy's pools" in Pokiok ... and causing much consternation within the local avian population in the Crick , the Twin POnds and Robertson's Lake ..... so let me end on a rather positive note ... without revealing the obvious ending ...

    McGillicuddy is watching and waiting for the ideal moment to deal with this "serial lover boy" in a manner befitting the Magna Avian Code of Ethics ..... never fear , my friend , justice shall prevail! Gilly's on the job !
    The ever vigilant ,
    Kid Pokiok

    PS. I congratulate you on your very poetic and colourful name .... much better than Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker !


  13. Hi ho Kid Pokiok!

    Not only is your eloquent reply great news, but totally illuminating as well! Of course, we would expect nothing less from the internationally-recognized and beloved, Kid Pokiok.

    McGillicuddy's adventures are now required reading by those who follow the "Glories of Pokiok" and the incredible characters - both living and dead - who meander though your writings!

    A plague on the habitat of that dastardly Mallard!

    E. Fudd & R. Redbreast
    Devotees of "Gilly".


  14. Hi Kid Pokiok!

    The talking drums heard along your sacred river and throughout those stately Pokiok hills, tell us that you are once again packing the well-worn rucksack and will be off on another adventure.

    Although we will miss you, knowing that McGillicuddy will continue to fly his daily sorties and the Pokiok Panther will maintain his reconnoitering, we know you have let us in good hands!

    Until your safe return, remember your loyal, but unlettered followers, will be keeping their ears close to the ground for sounds and signs.




  15. To: Kid Pokiok & the Confraternity.

    'Heard recently that the ferocious North End Alley Cat has become an "endangered species", a possibility that deeply concerns me!

    'Was wondering if this threat could be discussed at table during your weekly gatherings?

    This essential segment of our North End culture should not go unnoticed.

    Cato Ninetails
    Feline Aficionado.


  16. Vale Kid Pokiok!

    As you wind your way on silver eagles's wings over the North Atlantic to Brest, France, in the region of the Golfe de St-Malo, we wish you Godspeed!

    Your stories, wit, wisdom, and oft-times piety, will be missed!

    The Confraternity.


  17. Greetings to the "high flying" Kid Pokiok!

    Discussion this morning centered around the report that when Benedict XVI announced his retirement in Latin, only a very few of the cardinals actually understood what he had said.

    You can bet it was with pride we ALL agreed that had Kid Pokiok been there, you would have picked it up immediately!

    You leave deep and lasting impressions!

    The Confraternity.


  18. Hello Lady Bug,

    Has "the eagle" landed safely?

    Master Richard
    Perennial Sidekick of Kid Pokiok.

    1. Young Master Richard,
      The Eagle has indeed landed. All is well there, it seems, but no phone or wifi access where he's staying.

      So … I've 'talked' with him briefly, twice on FB, from a small café, where he brings his tablet. He just said that he'll post something here in Bzzz tomorrow.


  19. Thanks Lady Bug!

    Good to know "the Eagle" has safely landed. 'Trust he is keeping up his spiritual reading and meditation in the quiet confines of that small French cafe!

    The not so young Master Richard.

    1. Oh, I'm sure he's doing lots of spiritual meditation ... he he! He sent me a picture of the interior of the wash room, where he's staying. Here's a LINK to the image.

      He got back to that little, French café, with wifi, this afternoon and we communicated for a while. Myself, I enjoyed a good Frappucino over at Starbucks today. A whole different crowd there on a Saturday, compared to weekdays.

      The fog is thickening as I type.


  20. We greatly appreciated the appearance of Cato Ninetails, by the way.

    Junipurr \fellow feline afficionado\

  21. My spiritual life smells of salt water and overaged cheese...having a great time over here and shall keepin touch...Eli ...say hi to the other two from myself .... tide is in right now so I have migrated indoors to sent a few words to those folks in my life who count most ... keep the faith ...iam mainly a hope guy ... talk to you again soon........Kid Pokiok


  22. Salve Kid Pokiok!

    That washroom in your current digs is most impressive ... obviously, you are ensconced in some push medieval chateau OR are being held against your will by former FLQ members?

    Met Art Sullivan - he didn't know you were back in town - also quite interested to know you are travelling abroad.

    You're in our thoughts & prayers ... as always!

    The Confraternity.


  23. Heus Kid Pokiok!

    Concern was expressed at this morning's gathering that your comforts, while abroad, might be below the standards of a scholar and internationalist of your ilk!

    We were reminded, however, of your rigorous boyhood apprenticeship in the beloved hills of Pokiok, and your many years of mortification at the hands on those holy, but cunningly sadistic men of CSsR!

    It was about then that a resonant voice from the back of TH's shouted: He's like Tanker ... he can take it!

    We soldier on, and look to your return.

    The Confraternity.


  24. Hi Good Lady Bug!

    'Hope all is going well ... keep the home fires burning!

    The Brothers Flypaper.

    1. Heath, it's going good -- some weird weather this evening! It almost looked like a wall cloud for a while!

      His fancy digs, over there, doesn't have any cutting edge technology AT ALL, so he'll have to rely on a little café, where there's wifi … sometimes.
      Talked with him on the phone yesterday.

      Myself … I'm just watching a lot of CNN.


  25. A big hello to Lady Bug & Junipurr!

    'Thought of you and your camera at the same time that incredible mountain of cloud & fog was sighted over Pokiok. Was this a Kid Pokiok-related sign?

    The members have expressed some concern re Kid Pokiok's access to toilet tissue ... we trust he is looking after these essentials!

    'Nice to know that the Brothers also have you in mind.

    The Confraternity.

    1. Ahh ... good to hear from The Confraternity! I was beginning to think the silence of this room was deafening! Don't you just love those oxymoronic expressions *grin*.

      That cloud -- was probably a sign. The camera and I went out to Red Head Marsh yesterday, and had a great ole time, saw Yellow Warbler, Bald Eagle and Canada Geese with goslings!

      I talked with Himself this morning.

      Keep in touch!


  26. Great news update Junipurr!

    Please advise Kid Pokiok that his unworthy followers miss the lessons and instructions on Cicero and look forward to further and lots more information!

    This is going to be a long few weeks.

    The Confraternity.

    1. I think so too ... that it will be a long week, and I suspect; so does K. Pokiok.


  27. Hi sweet Lady Bug!

    Wednesday (tomorrow) is the weekly meeting of the loyal but - unworthy and unlettered - followers of Kid Pokiok and we require some vital information:

    . What is the status of Mascot McGillicuddy?

    . Has Kid Pokiok secured his supply of toilet tissue?

    . Will he be bringing us back anything from his trip?

    Remind him that on Sunday we ALL said prayers for his special intentions, that is, the holy ones!

    The Confraternity.

    1. Today [Tuesday], the wifi bar is closed, hence no communication.
      The only one of the above questions I can answer with any kind of certainty is: Yes, he has one roll of Cashmere Extra Plush securely tucked in, under each arm, when he goes out.

      On a different note, I hope that some American crime show takes an interest in our high profile case here in stjhn --following the latest newsy bit. It has all the ingredients of a real, good crime novel … yum!


  28. Hi there iFlurries!

    Thanks too, for your prompt reply to our query.

    It's delightful to know that "old 2-roll", aka the Pokiok Kid has gone prepared!

    The members will rest a little more easy now, knowing that the Cashmere Extra Plush - the favorite brand of the NHL, NBA & NFL - is also endorsed by Himself!

    The Confraternity.

    1. Yes, he's prepared alright :)
      He once, in his previous blogging career [not this], wrote some type of poem about a bunny with long ears, sitting by a babbling brook, with little fishies nibbling at his toes. The bunny had one roll tucked under each 'arm'. Priceless.

      In addition to this subject, I had a similar experience as with «The Last Rose of Summer», some time ago. I was making the bed in the morning, and couldn't get this tune out of my head. A catchy, little tune kept playing but I couldn't make out which song it was. Eventually, a little bit of the lyrics came back to me ... I googled it, and it turned out it was from the commercial for Cashmere!

      Here: LINK


  29. Hi Ms Flurries & your furry &/or feathered friends!

    The members were more than edified this morning to learn of Kid Pokiok's well-planned travel-kit - not the least of which is his farsightedness to include the Cashmere - the choice of champions!

    We ALL can easily visualize him, the Cicero volume in hand and the two rolls of tissue neatly tucked under each arm. That's why his followers revere Kid Pokiok so much!

    We watch and wait for the signs!

    The Confraternity.


  30. Hi Lady Bug & the errant Kid Pokiok!

    You're on the home stretch and we're ALL looking to your safe return to the fold.

    Please, Kid Pokiok, bring the sun with you ... we're drowning in the Loyalist City.




  31. Fans of Kid Pokiok:

    Last night's moon was a sacred sign that Himself will be on his way soon!

    The "tables down at Horton's" will welcome his return.

    The Confraternity.


  32. Ahoy & welcome home, Kid Pokiok!

    At this morning's gathering, the table was ablaze with talk of your return from France.

    All agreed that our level of discussion - during your absence - lacked that verve of intellectualism
    that only Kid Pokiok can bring!

    The Confraternity.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Today, Thursday, I'll pick him up at YSJ.


  33. To All Concerned:

    We're delighted that the voice of "sanity, sanctity & reason" has returned to our midst!

    The Confraternity.


  34. Word along the waterfront says that the incomparable Kid Pokiok arrived at YSJ just the other day, but incognito!

    But, once he gets back his "air-going sea-legs", it'll be great to follow his muses, dogma & philosophies as we have in the past.

    TH's has been a rather dismal donut emporium "sans" his gregarious personality!

    A North End People Watcher.


  35. Clipped from Esquire magazine:

    Who said snappy green baseball caps with large white letters are a thing of the past?

    Not our past!

    Long live Kid Pokiok!!

    The Confraternity.


  36. To the North End People Watcher:

    Visitors to Fort Howe Hill say they noticed a man of "stately bearing" limbering up around the vicinity of the hill.

    They reported the man was wearing a green baseball cap with the letters "KP" emblazoned on the front!

    Is it possible that this person is in fact a scion of one of the North End's finest families, better known as Kid Pokiok?

    The New Freeman.

  37. Calling all news wire services:

    Even if only a cadre of members were at table this morning, talk focused on the well-being of Kid Pokiok - our leader!

    Regulars at TH's gave us the impression, they too were missing KP.

    Faithful forever, we await the signs.

    The Confraternity.


  38. Wisps of signal smoke over the rugged hills of Pokiok tell us that our favorite son will soon be in "top fighting shape" ... but that's no surprise to those close to him.

    Wishing Kid Pokiok: All the Best!

    The Confraternity.


  39. Calling all trained observers:

    I could be wrong, but I'll swear I saw Kid Pokiok this morning in the vicinity of the Lansdowne Ave. TH's!

    Although he seemed to slip in and out undetected, the gait, swagger and the devil-may-care demeanour gave him away!

    But, where were his "unlettered, unworthy and generally worthless" followers?

    The New Freeman should be on this one!

    A reader of the Catholic press.


  40. Hello fellow reader of the RC press.

    I heard from a reliable source that the RC press only covers people who have "without question" made their Easter Duty!

    Are these followers of Kid Pokiok in good standing with Rome?

    If not, try the United Church Observer, they love this kind of human-interest story.

    Ifindoubt leaveout, Esq.


  41. To: Ifindoubt Leaveout, Esq.

    Your recent message re our news/information policy is somewhat in error!

    However, we would be interested in an authentic update on McGillicuddy ... many of our readers are clamouring for further intelligence.

    The Observer.


  42. To: Fans & followers of Kid Pokiok news & information ...

    Without putting to fine a point on this, scouts and people-watchers in the North End indicate that Kid Pokiok and his inner-circle colleagues were seen in conference Wednesday morning at TH's!

    This has been the only "official" sighting of KP since his return from France.

    His resurfacing could mean a number of things relating and to the ebb & flow of activities along the waterfront, the river, and of course, places of worship.

    Ifindoubt Leaveout, Esq.


  43. Editor's note:

    That's TOO fine a point and let's delete the AND after the word relating in the second last line!


  44. Anyone out there:

    Are Ifindoubt Leaveout, Esq., and Keepit Simplestudip, Esq., related?

    And, further, do they have a Journalism connection?

    Forlove Normoney. Esq.


  45. Of course they do!

    How about: If in doubt, leave out & Keep it simple, stupid (KISS) formula.

    M. Snerd
    Bobb & Weave School of Journalism.


  46. Hi Lady Bug & welcome home!

    Now that you're back, perhaps you'll get Kid Pokiok to catch up on his "Bzzz messages"?

    Apart from that, he's been a model patient ... we know that because that's what he tells us!

    Respectfully yours, The Confraternity.

  47. Ifindoubt Leaveout Esq., M. Snerd and all concerned
    I've just read the latest contributions to this thread ... they didn't make much sense, but they're hilarious!!! I laughed so hard...

    Haven't kept up with this, while away, not with Facebook either, really -- only email, which is a wonderful thing to have ;) I've been kept up to date about 'the patient's' progress ... he tells us that he's doing well.

    Our feline, McDuff, had done some fine needlepoint on our phone cable, so friendly Bell was here and fixed that, the day before my return.

    Lady Bug/feline aficionado

  48. Ifindoubt Leaveout Esq., M. Snerd and all concerned
    I've just read the latest contributions to this thread ... they didn't make much sense, but they're hilarious!!! I laughed so hard...

    Haven't kept up with this, while away, not with Facebook either, really -- only email, which is a wonderful thing to have ;) I've been kept up to date about 'the patient's' progress ... he tells us that he's doing well.

    Our feline, McDuff, had done some fine needlepoint on our phone cable, so friendly Bell was here and fixed that, the day before my return.

    Lady Bug/feline aficionado


  49. Hi again Lady Bug!

    Thanks for your response.

    In the case of some of these stories ... you just have to be there!

    M. Snerd's first name is Mortimer.

    Ask the patient about Mort.


    A voice from the past & the present.


  50. Greetings to Lady Bug & Kid Pokiok!

    I too, am now addicted to the myriad of messages showing up regularly on Bzzz!

    And you're right, they don't "seem" to make much sense but they are hilarious ... very much like local politics.

    Question though: Is Mortimer Snerd connected in some way to Charlie McCarthy of old-time radio fame?

    I just love being introduced to the "Life & Times of Kid Pokiok" ... it sure beats the Lives of the Saints.

    Another wayfaring traveller.

  51. What a great pleasure it is for me to visit this site and discover to what extent my protégé , Kid Pokiok , is both loved and revered by so many faithful followers and long-time friends. The Kid has shared with me so many tales about his youth in his beloved hills of Pokiok .... moonlit regattas on the Crick , watching Saturday night wrestling on TV in the early 1950s at Byers house back in the days when everybody believed it was "for real" , dunking for worm-ridden apples on Hallow'een in his MOm's old galvanized wash tub before she gave out the good stuff , the annual crossing of the Twin POnds doing the "dogpaddle" , etc
    As impressario to the Kid I am deeply touched by such an outright pouring of heartfelt affection for him and his cause. I salute you all and hope these positive vibes will inspire my client to keep on reaching for the stars ....
    Buck Athol
    Reach For The Top Enterprises


  52. Members of the North End Sleuth Society:

    Informal verbal notice has gone out to all local bad guys & felons that their lives of crime may soon come to an end!

    Word on the street and in doughnut emporiums, warns that not only will "the boys" have to deal with the uncanny diligence of the hard-hitting, two-fisted police force, but celebrities Kid Pokiok & Lady Bug have now taken more than just a passing interest in street crime.

    Applying skilled deductive and surveillance techniques, the undaunted-duo (KP & LB) are in the fight!

    Local pawn shops have recently reported a large intake of crow-bars, blackjacks and switch-blade knives, as fear of detection spreads.

    Melvin Gumshoe,
    CrimeFighters Inc.


  53. Buck Athol,
    Reach for the Top.

    We appreciate your kind thoughts and true sentiments re "our leader and hero", Kid Pokiok.

    There's nobody, save possibly, Saint Alphonsus Ligouri, we revere more than your protege!

    The Confraternity.


  54. Bulletin to North End People Watchers, Inc:

    Hark! Not to get your hopes up, but wasn't that Kid Pokiok at TH's the other morning around 11 a.m.?

    Our observers report KP was seen in the company of another gentleman, and it seems they were perusing photographs of bygone days at reform school?

    Further, word has it that KP and his attractive Lady Bug have been seen checking out secluded beaches and coves in the region ... we cannot help but wonder what's up!

    Ever vigilant to his comings and goings, all activity will be reported to the Kid's many publics!

    Sister Ohmyjesus,
    The New Freeman.

  55. Dear Sister Bejesus ,

    You seem to have your antenae ... or nowadays more appropriately "web cams" ... in all the right places.

    For those of us who enjoy certain notoriety whether good or bad the old expression .. " It's lonely at

    the top !" ... seems to lose its punch. And to boot , doing away with the wimples have certainly

    broadened your panoramic vision of the surrounding world and the denizens who dwell therein. Bravo to you

    and all those thousands of New Freeman watchdogs and sniffers who prowl and ply the streets and alleys

    and whose keen sense of observation keeps you so well informed of the comings and goings of prominent

    North Enders.

    You might inform your photographer that I shall be sporting my official Kid Pokiok cap at my next

    appearance at TH's in the upcoming week.

    His Nibs ,
    Kid Pokiok

  56. Dear Sister Ohmyjesus,
    As much as I appreciate the info, regarding KP ... still, there's no word from North End People's Watch as to why, at least seven, fire trucks from various ladders, the fire marshall, ambulances, police ...all descended upon an address on Montgomery Cr. the night before yesterday. They hung around for more than an hour -- quite a few curious neighbours flocked to the site, but not One Word in any of the local media outlets. Not even Twitter!

    What gives?

    Lady Bug *disappointed on Fort How?*


  57. From the desk of Sister Ohmyjesus:

    Salutations to Kid Pokiok & Lady Bug!

    WE appreciate your concerns about lack of "hard news" coverage locally ... it seems the editorial policy at the TJ is totally fixated on: Fort LaTour, The Marco Polo and Partridge Island, leaving little time or space for issues of real importance!

    Your good news is that KP will soon reveal to some of his many publics, his newly acquired chapeau, this is sure to please and delight all who behold him.

    Be assured, we at the Freeman will continue to provide insight and analysis with our elite team of reporters and tipsters - like Kid Pokiok - constantly on the prowl.

    In passing, our Vatican correspondent has requested a new photo of the Kid in his green cap for her files. Is this possible?

    Sister Ohmyjesus.

    1. As per request, the photo is now up there, in the intro of this page ;)


  58. Hi Kid Pokiok & Lady Bug,

    Wow! 'Just came across the great shot of the Kid in his green cap with the white "KP" letters ... this IS the Kid Pokiok we ALL know and love!

    I'm more than "pleased and delighted".




  59. From the desk of Sister Ohmyjesus:

    Word has just reached me that Kid Pokiok was seen about noon today on the parking lot of Lansdowne Plaza!

    According to several passer-bys, the Kid looked to be in "top fighting shape" as he bobbed and weaved his way to a waiting car and sped off!

    Other reports indicate that the Kid - wearing his now famous "KP" green ball cap - was also spotted by many TH regulars, UI vets, shopping mall hangers-on, and several ladies of easy-virtue.

    Sister Ohmyjesus,
    A Kid Pokiok Aficionado.


  60. Memo to: Sister Ohmyjesus.

    What do I have to do?

    I too wear a ball cap, frequent THs, and try to keep in fighting shape, but ALL I ever read about are the exploits of Kid Pokiok!

    Although I don't read Cicero - whoever he is - am not multilingual, do not have a Confraternity of admirers, am not a world traveler, and have never set foot in Pokiok, why should these few shortcomings deny me of the ongoing adulation paid Kid Pokiok?

    Even my wife and kids seem to prefer the latest of what's on Bzzz ... give me a break!


    Davey Jones-Locker
    A Son of the Sea.

  61. L'il Ugly B. JonesAugust 4, 2013 at 8:08 PM

    I'm a full-patched subscriber to the well-known rag " The National Enquirer " ... the trashiest of all

    scurrilous , gossipy news sheets ... so , over the years , I've seen heaps of cowflap about celebrities

    ... some of true , some of it false .. while the editors are quick to eulogize or rhapsodize the few ,

    they are overly zealous to torpedo the many .... dispatching their careers to the depths of the Mariana

    Trench for a prolonged nap with the fishes ... however , whatever be its colour , cowflap draws flies and

    it always stinks !!

    And so it be with all this foppish veneration to that Pokiok chucklehead nicknamed " The Kid " ... all

    rubbish , superstitious myths , old-wives' tales of saving damselles in distress and heroic deeds most of

    which are derived from the Kid's own long-winded boasting about his action-packed , swashbuckling youth

    roaming the backlands of his beloved hills .......

    Much like the recent comments of that world-renowned oceanographer , Davey Jones-LOcker ... see Bzzzzz

    04/08/13 .... I too am scandalized by the glorification ... veneration ... yeah quasi deification of

    this swaggering braggart from the sticks ...


    L'il Ugly Bastard Jones, pres.

    P.S. Reliable sources inform me that there is very high probability that Davey and myself proudly share

    a common ancestor.

    1. Dear Li'l Ugly Bastard Jones,
      Apart from everything else ... with regards to cowflaps: «Ten thousand flies CAN'T be wrong -- cowflaps MUST be good!»


  62. Response to L'il U.B. Jones,
    President Reliable Sources.


    I must take deep exception to your recent comments re Kid Pokiok. I have known the Kid since early childhood and can assure you he is everything he says he is ... and more!

    Every great personality has detractors - and Kid Pokiok is no exception - but, his good works are legend, his prowess on the playing field the envy of all, and his intellectual achievements defy comparison!

    Who, I ask you, has done more for Pokiok than the Kid himself?

    As a proud member of his faithful Confraternity, I stand and salute Kid Pokiok and so should you!

    (A founding member of the Silly Buggers Society, Saint John, NB Chapter).


  63. From the desk of Sister Ohmyjesus:

    To: L'il U.B. Jones
    President Reliable Sources.

    I too, must quickly spring to the defence of Kid Pokiok. Your comments, sir, are nothing short of libel and most hurtful to all those who hold him in high esteem.

    You should be ashamed of yourself. Let's hope you never meet up with Kid Pokiok ... he'd show you a thing or two!

    Sister Ohmyjesus,
    A Kid Pokiok Aficionado.


  64. Re the L'il U.B. Jones "commentary":

    As men who have known Kid Pokiok his entire life, we hold nothing but contempt for this upstart U.B. Jones.

    The Kid Pokiok WE KNOW, is a gentleman of sterling character and impeccable decorum ... he can also still whip his weight in wild cats!

    We stand solidly with those who have already endorsed the Kid, and add our ongoing fraternal esteem.

    The Confraternity.

    1. If my memory serves me right -- and it usually does -- Li'l Ugly Bastard Jones is friends with, or, may even be related to, Fat Boy Higgins, of BayView. Don't waste any energy -- they'll both wake up to reality eventually. They were both turned down when they applied for membership in an obscure, little society with a Greek name, in the South End ... which says a great deal of their character and moral standards.


  65. Hi Lady Bug!

    Our sentiments exactly!

    A plague on both their houses!

    The Confraternity.

  66. The Editor
    Grapevine Gossip

    To whomsoever seeks the truth ...

    It peeves me to no wee extent that so much attention be accorded to this pompous upstart from the back

    forties , Kid Pokiok.Much like my mentor and guru , L'il Ugly B. Jones , I abhor the fact that this

    unscrupulous usurper of fabulous feats , all of which are well beyond his physical and mental capacity ,

    has succeeded in bedazzling and enthralling a bunch of weak-kneed , brain-deficient , hero

    worshipping numbskulls .... the so-called Confraternity .... rumour has it that these subservient fiefs

    are in "cahoots" with other intellectually handicapped clusters or clubs around town to begin a

    fundraiser to build a memorial on the Pokiok side of the "Crick" to honour the Kid's great

    accomplishments. Rumour likewise informs us that one of these groups .. a rather giddy bunch , if I may

    say so ... The Silly Buggers Society .... is not only spearheading the campaign but has pledged to empty

    their own personal bank accounts into the Kid's coffers should the whole shebang go belly up or awry.

    This , my dear friends , shows beyond all doubt to what extent this imposter to glory has bamboozled his

    followers. I rest my case !

    Author of "The Yellow River "

    I. P. Standing


  67. Memo to:
    I.P. Standing, author.

    In response to your recent scurrilous and false comments re our trusted friend and longtime mentor, Kid Pokiok, we take great exception.

    "We", the members of the Confraternity & the Silly Buggers Society, have now joined forces to do battle with you and any other detractors ... so be forewarned!

    Further, we have read your newest book, "The Yellow River", and frankly, it stinks!

    We are also aware of several other of your works: "Punky of Poop Hill", "The Life and Times of Diarrhea Dan", and "Franco the Flatulent Friar". Really, I.P.?

    Kid Pokiok is very aware of your baseless criticisms, but he puts it all down to personal jealousy.

    "Stick and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me", says the Kid.

    The Confraternity & The Silly Buggers Society.


  68. An official SBS release:

    Just this morning near the North End's prime TH location, Kid Pokiok was presented with a Silly Buggers Society official document which now brings him into the fold and solidly under the aegis of this society.

    This means that Kid Pokiok now receives full benefits of SBS in all of his undertakings!

    Any further attempts by those who would seek to defame the Kid, will not be tolerated by the SBS membership.

    SBS, Saint John NB Chapter.

  69. Theophilus ThistleAugust 14, 2013 at 10:14 PM

    The Editor
    Grapevine Gossip

    As a frequent visitor to your dynamic site and an impartial observer to the ongoing shenanigans , vocal

    skirmishes , polite mutual vilification and the respectful maligning of Kid Pokiok and his so-called

    flunkies and lackeys..... I must admit that the latest correspondence from The Silly Buggers Society to

    your esteemed desk sent snickers , chills and chuckles up my sleeves and brought tears of laughter to my

    eyes ... the frosting on the cake so to speak ...

    I read that this limp-wristed crew of mollycoddlers has officially "welcomed the Kid into the

    fold " .... THE FOLD !!!??? Isn't that enclosure where they keep a flock of sheep ? What happened to the

    image of Kid Pokiok , the warrior ? The Thor of the limestone cliffs ? The Daniel Boone who could whip

    his weight in wildcats ? By accepting full membership in this squirrely outfit I can just picture in my

    mind's eye ... the Kid bleating away merrily at monthly meetings in some forlorn alcove in some musty

    crypt in uptown Saint John and singing lustily along with fellow Buggers their favourite hymn , " There

    ain't no flies on the lamb of God !"

    Theophilus Thistle

    Successful Thistle Sifter


  70. Memo to: Theophilus Thistle,
    Successful Thistle Sifter.

    From: The Silly Buggers Society, International HQ,
    Cambridge, England.


    How dare you impugn the reputations of the honorable members of The SBS Saint John, NB Chapter!

    Further, the off-handed way in which you describe Kid Pokiok is simply disgraceful. The Kid is STILL very much the veteran hero of story and song, and will always be the main toast at our manly gatherings.

    When you get "your facts" in order, we hope an apology will be forthcoming.

    In the meantime, we will be watching your comings and goings with special interest!

    SBS International HQ.

    P.S. Remember our motto: Our way ... or bugger off!



  71. Great work and thumbs up to the Silly Buggers Society!

    Men of the Longshoremen's Association & the Veteran's Guard Club.


  72. A special joint news release re Kid Pokiok:

    The undersigned memberships have become aware of the callous and unwarranted verbal and written attacks on Kid Pokiok. We hereby go on record in support of everything the Kid stands for.


    The Adanac Club
    The Carleton & York Club
    The Main Brace Club
    The Red Chevron Club &
    St. Peter's CWL

  73. The Editor
    Grapevine Gossip

    Thanks to your bulletin board and its content I have cancelled my subscription to old "Laugh In" reruns.

    Dramatic irony and incongruity are essential to classic comedy and your recent contributors have been

    unwillingly and unwittingly keeping me in stitches and my chuckle meter bouncing around between 90 and


    For example .... your recent statistics show that five organizations in the Saint John area have come

    forward ...jumping onto Kid Pokiok's bandwagon ,thereby pledging their undying love and support for him

    and his cause. I wish to remind your readers that four of these five "backers" are well-known "speak-

    easy" watering holes for the intellectually - stagnant ... yet affluent and in-the-know ... Saint

    Johners and frequent rallying points for the local constabulary at 3 o'clock in the morning.

    As for Kid Pokiok's 5th group of supporters ... Saint Peter's CWL ladies .... most of whom are all sweet

    , elderly women .... all staunchly devoted to God and the Catholic Church who are not unaware of the

    KId's Redemptorist past and have not forgotten that the Kid's mother , Josie , had once been their

    president and leader. Luckily for him these wonderful , pius ladies don't know that he didn't make his

    Easter duty last year.

    Claude "Clawed" Balls

    P.S. I have it from reliable sources within the four above-mentioned " booze troughs" that massive

    support for The KId came about when all four memberships learned the KId's father's nickname ....


  74. Memo to: C.C. Balls,
    Lion tamer.

    Obviously, you know a great deal of Kid Pokiok's background ... this alone must put you on his side!

    Wasn't it Edmund (aka Tanker) who coined the phrase: "More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of". But, this we DO KNOW ... no finer man held sway on Long Wharf than our Tanker, the sainted father of Kid Pokiok.

    As to his Easter Duty, this is being investigated. But, it is well-documented that Kid Pokiok, while a student at Saint Peter's Boys, consistently led all RC boys in the city with his 100 per cent marks in catechism classes. Legend also has it that the Kid could lick any boy in the school who made the fatal
    mistake of "trying to take him on".

    This is our kind of guy!

    The Confraternity.


  75. Memo to: The Confraternity

    Re: The catechism class exploits of Kid Pokiok.

    If Kid Pokiok is as clever as members of his Confraternity make out, ask him if he still recite the Seven Gifts of the Holy Ghost?

    Yours in JMJA,
    An old Redemptorist.


  76. Editor's note:

    Make that "if he CAN still recite" ...

  77. he Editor
    Grapevine Gossip

    As my followers and admirers well know I am open to almost any challenge provided we all play by the

    rules. This means no sucker punches , loaded dice or aces up one's sleeve , etc His rebus dictis ...

    these things being said ... I hereby promise to "rattle off" the seven gifts of the Holy Ghost in

    classic boustrophedonic fashion after ... and only after ... the old reverend Redemptorist Father ....

    who obviously dates back to the Latin era of the Congregation like myself ...... proves that he STILL

    remembers and can recite in Latin St Alphonsus'11-word "golden rule" for Redemptorist seminarians ....

    and likewise answer the following question...what was the only encyclical to explicitly mention Saint

    Alphonsus , as well as the Pope who wrote it and in what year ????

    Kid Pokiok

    Homo Semper Erectus


  78. Greetings Kid Pokiok!

    Nice try my son, but I've always taught my students NEVER to answer a question with a question ... let alone a series of questions.

    When I receive the Holy Ghost info, you'll get my CSsR response.

    An old son of Saint Alphonsus.

    P.S. Your questions are a lot more involved than your grade school catechism course of study!


  79. Salve Kid Pokiok!

    It's been several days now, and I'm still waiting for my Holy Ghost info direct from the "smartest student Saint Peter's Boys ever produced" ... I'm ready to answer your queries re St. Al and the Pope!

    Anyway, here's a clue: the first gift is Wisdom, just in case you might have forgotten.

    I'm keeping you in my prayers.

    A brother to Clement Hofbauer.

  80. The Editor
    Grapevine Gossip

    Kind sir ,

    Let it be known to all concerned that I , Kid Pokiok , shall neither be harassed nor hustled into playing this sneakingly suspicious game of "blind man's buff or bluff". I am the challenged one and deem it only fitting ... yeah just ... that my "challenger " lay bare his credentials so that I might have physical , moral and metaphysical proof of his true identity. I am not going to play a game with any charlatan who comes along. I refuse to don the wee cap , hop around and pass the cup while my Master smiles at bystanders and grinds the organ !!!No siree , BUd !! I'm KId Pokiok !

    God only knows but this good Redemptorist could in reality be that scoundrel Buck A$$hol , my former money-grubbing impressario whom I recently fired for attempting to board the gravy train to fame and glory at my expense while using my coat-tails as his own private surf board ! Or maybe that slanderous reprobate , I.P. Standing ... who would sell his soul and a "mean" scoop to that rag , The National Enquirer " for a few shekels and a stiff drink ! Perhaps even the flunky , Clawed Balls and his guru , L.U. Bastard JOnes ... two pillars of society whose grandmothers denounced to the police in their youth for robbing the poor boxes in local parish churches.

    I gave the reverend padre a fighting man's chance last week , bouncing a question back in his direction to test his Redemptorist authenticity. He failed miserably I might say ... now he has had a full week to google up the answers and wants me to don the wee cap again and hop around .... to which request I say " fooey balooey". However , being who I am ... fair play personified ... I shall give him one more chance to come clean or "bugger" off .... with the answer to my query forthcoming within 24 hours ...any full-vowed and long-standing Redemptorist would know this .... who would seemingly and most likely be the next Redemptorist destined for canonization to sainthood ?

    Yours in JMJAC and Gerard
    Kid Pokiok


  81. O eloquent & rhapsodic Kid Pokiok!

    I spite of your litany of obvious scoundrels and blackguards, this in no way excuses you from owning up to the fact that you are confused!

    My background research on your days as a prize-winning student at Saint Peter's, has revealed the one and only fatal flaw in your knowledge of RC catechism: you simply COULD NOT discern the difference between the Seven Gifts of The Holy Ghost and the Seven Deadly Sins!

    This, of course, gave unending hilarity to Satan and his ilk, but reputedly, gave The Holy Ghost a real pain in the arse!

    FYI, the Seven Gifts are: Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety, and Fear of The Lord.
    The Deadly Sins, you are quite familiar with, requiring no coaching from me!

    As per your wishes, I'll be further communicating with you ASAP re St. Al's Golden Rule.

    With a fond salute to the CSsR men who helped in the formation of Kid Pokiok ... Slainte!


  82. Howdy Kid Pokiok!

    'Heard via the vine (a clergy reference) that you are at home resting comfortably after that "tummy tuck" you underwent. Now, pray, what does the Church teach about vanity?

    Apart from that, wasn't it Pius XII in 1950, in his encyclical "Haurietis Aquas", that St. Al was prominently mentioned?

    Of course, I'm also tracking down your second query - which by the way is most devilish to find. Reliable sources in this matter are few and far between! But, foxy Kid Pokiok knew this, didn't he?

    I'm still laughing over Satan (the Devil, Old Nick) and his mirth over the Deadly Sins vs. the Seven
    Gifts. Even The Old Boy has a sense of humour.

    Yours in ALL that's good & holy,

    A son of St. Al.


  83. Hi again, Kid Pokiok!

    Well, I'm having trouble. The cadre of ex-seminarians I have been able to contact is providing abysmal results to date.

    I won't say many are well over the hill, but most thought that Syl Apps STILL played for Toronto. And NOT ONE could ID the new pope!

    However, I will submit two possibilities, which seemed to be quite acceptable to most:

    "Bibo ergo sum" and "Barba non facit philosophum" ... I'm quite sure these are 'way off, but I want you to know that persistence does work - in most cases.

    One fine old gent was willing to give me a response - IF his name would be kept out of it. I agreed. His response in English: "Bullshit baffles brains" ...???

    Do any of these resonate with you Kid Pokiok?

    One of St. Al's (few) sons.

    1. Dear A son of St. Al,
      It seems to me, you're in need of some serious assistance when it comes to working the web!
      I found the answer in ONE search, and it was the first hit, where I found it ... and I'm not even INTO this stuff!

      So, here's a free, piece of advice: Go to our friendly search engine Google, type in two words: «redemptorist» and «canonisation» ... You'll be all set.

      Please, don't hesitate to contact for any problems you might have.


  84. An introduction: Since Lady Bug has moved to Cape Hatteras, in the Outer Banks, NC., I've taken over her job here, to straighten up the thread, when it goes awry. When I'm not busy in Rockwood, I'll be quacking along here in Bzzz.

    Quack of Dawn


  85. Thanks Quack of Dawn for your technical input. But, I can't find A DIRECT REFERENCE to St. Al's "golden rule for CSsR seminarians" in Redemptorist & Canonization.

    However, I'm STILL waiting for Kid Pokiok's overdue replies and reactions to my recent findings re: The Holy Ghost, Satan, the ex-seminarians, and, of course, Pius XII.

    In passing, the ex-seminarians - now all octogenarians - DID remember fabled Kid Pokiok as a top polyglot and fine athlete - and wished him well!

    One of The Few.

  86. he Editor
    Grapevine Gossip

    Most kind sir ,

    In the wake of certain excruciatingly painful happenings in my personal life of late ..... tummy tucks

    , hernia tucks , circumcision retouch and the like ..... I have come to the conclusion that , although

    Original Sin might have been a one-time event dating back to the Garden of Eden , its poster boy

    offspring , Original Dimwittedness , has been an ongoing , recurring occurrence ever since !!Also

    sprach Zarathustra !! Thus spoke Zarathustra !

    This short anecdote should illustrate well the deep meaning in my opening paragraph. Not only do I have

    my doubts as to the identity of this so-called "rogue" (?) Redemptorst but I likewise have a deep

    feeling that he is somebody's bird-dog trying to catch me offguard , etc .... Anyways , and in the

    interest of fair play as usual , I had my most faithful ally and supporter ... Quack O'Dawn ... send

    this "may-be" imposter an ultra-super clue to solving the "next Redemptorist saint " quiz .... she

    literally gave him the answer and yet he blew it !!! Sometimes I think Zarathustra was right ,,, they

    do it on purpose !!!

    First of all I'll address a few of those childish issues that pesky "son of St Al " has been hounding

    me with ....

    a) that you googled up the answer about Saint Alphonsus being named patron of confessors in Pius the

    XII 's encyclical "Haurietis aquas" is no surprise since it is present day grade one homework. What is

    surprising in your smug answer is that it lacks substance .... nay , thunder ! In what way did Saint Al

    fit into the underlying theme of the document ?

    b) as for those venerable colleagues you consulted .... well , most of those chuckleheads , if asked to

    name "The Magnificent Seven " , would rhyme off Bashful , Doc , Dopey , Grumpy , Happy , Sleepy and

    Sneezy ! However , their memories seem highly intact as to my athletic and linguistic prowess back in

    my Redemptorist days and for this I commend them.

    c) re the 11-word golden rule in Latin ...... first word is "raro" ............ last word "tres" ....

    furthermore may it be known that Saint Alphonsus probably had in mind when writing up this rule a

    passage from Leviticus ..... more specifically Leviticus 20.13 .......

    The One and Only
    Kid Pokiok


  87. Hi Kid Pokiok,

    Of course you're right, but I'm still confused.

    But, like poor, tired, old St. Al, I think I'll just throw in the towel and find some old retreat house or monastery willing to put up with my feeble attempts at humor, knowledge and piety.

    Yours in JMJA,
    The Last of the Few?


  88. To: Kid Pokiok

    Re: "The Golden Rule"

    It ALL comes thundering back now! But, if your clues had only included the infamous letters "PF", it would have been a slam-dunk!

    Many believe this "rule" only confused good, young men, and unfortunately, may well have led to many, many lost vocations.

    I hope this seminary-based principle has been long banished!

    Still A Son of St. Al.


  89. Kid Pokiok ... where are you?

    It seems an awfully long time since I had the pleasure of reading the thoughts and words of the fabled Kid Pokiok!

    In addition to my shot of prune juice once or twice a day, my doctor has been recommending that I keep abreast of your unique comings and going on Bzzz ... and it has worked wonders !

    But, it's been days now and, sadly, the prune juice alone isn't doing its stuff. I DO NEED more from the pen of the KId ... post-haste. I just love the way you turn a phrase and your many historical references.

    With fervent affection,

    Sister M. Fartsie,
    Flin Flon.

  90. y dear Sister Floozie ,

    The Great Vowel Shift was a major change in the pronunciation of the English language that took place

    in England between 1350 and 1700.The Great Vowel Shift was first studied by Otto Jespersen (1860–1943),

    a Danish linguist and Anglicist, who coined the term. Jespersen's deep insight into this systematic ,

    regular and predictable vowel change over three and a half centuries intrigued the hell out of my

    intellectual curiosity while doing my masters degree in linguistics ... so much so indeed , that the

    more I studied the regularity of the vowel change , the more it psychologically impacted positively

    upon my own intestinal regularity .... and thus it was " à Dieu " forever " le jus de pruneaux " and

    long live the "Great Bowel Shift"

    I strongly recommend you likewise read Jespersen , dear Sister Floozie and bid prune juice a fond


    A believer and a doer

    Kid Pokiok


  91. Thanks Kid Pokiok!

    Your treatise on "The Great Bowel Shift" may just do wonders for me, but just to keep things straight, I am, of course, Sister Fartsie - not Sister Floozie!

    Floozie IS my real sister but is not into the same kind of journal writing that I so enjoy reading. However, I will pass on your illustrious intelligence to dear Floozie, who by the way, is now under the impression that God does not exist. This after 70 years in the convent!

    Jespersen is now on my list of things to do.

    Yours in all that's good & holy,

    Sister M. Fartsie.


  92. A special hello to Kid Pokiok!

    I think it's wonderful the way so many readers flock to your blog for information, humor and spiritual renewal!

    At first, I was caught up by your stories about McGillicuddy ... but now it's become so much more. I just can't wait to catch your next installment.

    You amaze me too, with the vast number and variety of people you communicate with: members of clergy, old school chums, intellectuals, and even some who operate under assumed names!

    You, Kid Pokiok, have brought new meaning to the joy of friendly, human-interest writing.

    In passing, I believe I was taught by Sisters Fartsie and Floozie ... but that's over 65 years ago now.

    May you continue to bring the past back to life and provide much needed good news and counsel in these troubled times.

    "Fast Eddie" Doucet,
    An Erin Street Alumnus.

  93. Greetings again Kid Pokiok!

    'Just read your recent note from the so-called Fast Eddie of Erin Street. 'Must warn you: I taught the same Edward Doucet in Grade 4 back in 1948. I had Edward for math and catechism, and let me tell you he was "fast" in No way - except one!

    What Edward was noted for at Saint Thomas School in the East End, was his ability to steal from the uptown stores and sell the "hot" merchandise to the other students. He majored in ballpoint pens, chocolate bars and Campfire notebooks.

    Sister Floozie remembers Edward also. She said he joined the Army at 18 and did well! Others in the Order say he became a con artist and bilked hundreds out of their life-savings..

    We "old nuns" like to keep the record straight!

    May Your Guardian Angel Be Ever At Your Side,

    Sister M. Fartsie.


  94. Dear Sister Fartsie,

    Let her/him without sin cast the first stone!

    I'm sure the fabled Kid Pokiok would agree.

    PS. Are you in the market for pens, chocolate bars or Campfire notebooks? I know where to get them cheap.

    "Fast Eddie" Doucet, MBA.
    A student of life.

  95. This comment has been removed by the author.

  96. Sisters Fartsie and Floozie ... Eddie Doucet and all other partakers in this:

    This thread will be closed, but continued over at Pokiok Social, for easier manageability. I.e. pagination of the comments. Here, you have to scroll all the way down, and since the thread will get longer all the time, it's just getting more cumbersome.

    I trust you guys will feel snug over there at Pokiok Social, and keep the thread up in the same great way as you've done so far. Should any questions arise ... please feel free to swing by -- we're open 24/7.


  97. I heard that Kid Pokiok is really an old fart!

    Rip A. Partt.
    Self-styled philosopher.